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Provides a global web conferencing platform with a professional re-branding feature that allows users to personalize each of their webinars.


Pricing plans that are little expensive. The maximum attendees for the cheapest plan are 25 people, while the maximum attendees for the most expensive plan are 1,000 people.


ClickWebinar provides excellent services and reliability that helps you create high quality and professional webinars for your business, especially with its professional re-branding feature.

Detailed Review

ClickWebinar is a webinar software created by ClickMeeting, a web conferencing and technology company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Gdansk, Poland. The company has many offices around the world, with the head office located in Poland. Other office locations are located in Canada, Russia, and the USA.

Web Conferencing for Global Audience

ClickWebinar gives you the platform to establish global web conferencing, which means that it allows you create webinars for the worldwide audience. You can create any type of webinar or web conference as your company needs, including sales presentation, product demo, informative seminar, as well as staff training. No matter where you are and where your attendees are, they only need to sit in front of their computer in order to attend your webinar event.

Re-brand Each of Your Webinars

Aside from providing a professional webinar platform for businesses, ClickWebinar also allows you to re-brand your webinars with your company logo and graphics, so that each of the webinars is presented with a professional look for your company. This feature helps you to build a good impression for your business, which gives your customers a strong confidence toward your business. You can use this feature for the Meeting Room and Waiting Room within the
ClickWebinar platform.

Audio and Video Conferencing

ClickWebinar allows you to use the audio and video conferencing feature to establish face-to-face communication with your attendees. You can connect the service with the VoIP protocol from your browser to instantly create a video meeting with your attendees. Alternatively, you can also connect the service via phone to create a phone conference with your attendees. You have full control of the interaction within each webinar session.

Question and Answer Session with Private Chat

The ClickWebinar service includes a powerful tool to create a live conversation between you and your attendees. The question and answer session can be moderated by you so that all attendees can see it, or you can do it in private with your attendees. This helps to clear up any misunderstanding that you and your attendees may have during the webinar session, and it is also useful to improve the engagement rate of your webinar.

Desktop Sharing with Full Control

The desktop sharing feature within the ClickWebinar platform allows you to share your desktop screen with your attendees, whether you want to share the full desktop screen or just a part of it. You will have full control of what you share with your attendees, and you can turn on and off the desktop sharing feature anytime. There is also a useful drawing tool that can be collaborated along with the desktop sharing feature to provide an excellent presentation tool for you.

Instant Chat Translation

Since you can invite people from different geographical locations to join your webinar, many of your attendees may give live chat comments with their native language. If you don’t know about their language, it might be difficult for you to understand what they say. ClickWebinar provides an instant chat translation feature to help you translate comments and messages from other languages, so that you can understand them. You can even write the reply to those messages in the native language of your attendees using this feature. It supports 52 languages.


If you want to have a powerful platform for your online business presentation, ClickWebinar is one of the best solutions that you can get. With professional re-branding feature, along with useful core features that are essential for your webinar presentation, ClickWebinar can help you provide the best experience for your attendees by giving them the best presentation you can have. With a variety of pricing options, you can choose the plan that fits your business needs, as well as your budget. The various pricing plans allow you to choose the plan that will suit your business needs.

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