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Please carefully review our updated Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use, and protect your information when you visit our website.

Use of Cookies

When you access through your browser or any other medium, a small file, commonly known as a "Cookie," may be downloaded onto your system. Cookies serve multiple purposes, including enhancing visitor experience, improving website performance, and monitoring website visit activity and behavior. Clicking on links may also result in the download of cookies from external websites, over which we have no control and are subject to their respective privacy policies.

Visitor Tracking

Upon landing on our website, we may initiate the tracking of various visitor activities, such as visit history, IP and DNS addresses, location, page visits, clicks, and browsing patterns. This tracking aims to optimize website content and user experience. Analytics partners may be utilized, and depending on third-party services, data may be stored on our servers or our partners' servers.

Collection of User Data

When you contact us via email or submit information through forms, we ensure the confidentiality and specific use of the provided data. We neither sell, exchange, nor rent your information for purposes other than those intended. This includes contact information, content, email addresses, and passwords. While we implement security measures, any breach may result in the public disclosure of partial or full data. Users agree not to claim damages in such instances.

Intention Based Advertising

To support the content on our website, we may display relevant ads, sold through third-party networks or our own platform. These ads may be tailored based on user behavior on, past browsing history, product research, and previous purchasing activities. Third-party advertising networks may use cookies to serve ads on other websites within their network.

Disclosure of Data

We may disclose information submitted on to comply with local or international government agencies. This includes visitor activity, email inquiries, purchase records, or other behaviors. We exercise due diligence in assessing authority requests and may require a proper format for disclosure.

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