Top Video Production Companies in Middletown, Connecticut (CT)

Top Video Production Companies includes CT Video Image Studios, Regional Productions, Rashid Film & Photo Studio, CONTENT PICTURES, Hickman Video Productions as well as 11 other firms

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CT Video Image Studios Logo
CT Video Image Studios

CT Video Image Studios specializes in providing top-notch photography and video production services catered towards small businesses in Southeastern CT. Their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping businesses showcase their products and services through captivating visuals that are sure to impress their target audience. Whether you are looking ...

Services: Video Pre-Production, Event photography

  • Year Founded: 2020
Regional Productions Logo
Regional Productions

Located in Middletown, CT, this video production company specializes in providing top-notch video production services to a wide range of clients in various cities including Milford, Bridgeport, Fairfield, and Springfield. With a team of skilled videographers, they are dedicated to creating high-quality corporate and commercial videos that effectively convey their ...

Services: Digital videography, Videography and Production, Corporate video editing, Video commercials, VFX editing

  • Year Founded: 2010
Rashid Film & Photo Studio Logo
Rashid Film & Photo Studio

With a team of talented individuals specializing in wedding cinematography, photography, and videography, Rashid Film & Photo Studio is dedicated to capturing your special day in the most beautiful and memorable way possible. Their services also extend to creating captivating restaurant promos that will showcase your establishment in the best ...

Services: Digital videography, Digital Photography, Bridal videography, Film studio, Video & audio editing, Promotional videos

  • Year Founded: 2022

Specializing in film, videography, and media production, the Connecticut-based company offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of their clients. Content Pictures prides itself on creating high-quality content that captivates audiences and tells compelling stories. With a team of experienced professionals, they work closely with each client ...

Services: Digital video production, Video making, Cinematography

  • Year Founded: 2008
Hickman Video Productions Logo
Hickman Video Productions

Hickman Video Productions, a reputable media company with over 30 years of experience, offers high-quality video production services to help businesses effectively convey their message and achieve their goals. Specializing in short films for web and social media, their team of creative professionals can create engaging and informative videos at ...

Services: Visual effects, Visual Media Production, Film production

  • Year Founded: 2020
Derek Dudek Logo
Derek Dudek

Connecticut-based photographer Derek Dudek is a versatile artist who specializes in creating captivating photographs for advertising, editorial, and corporate clients. With expertise in a wide range of genres including people, still life, celebrity, annual report, corporate, lifestyle, photojournalism, travel, and industrial photography, Derek Dudek studio is dedicated to delivering high-quality ...

Services: Visual Storytelling, Motion-picture photography, Video recording & editing, Brand video, Film editing, Ad videos

  • Year Founded: 1998
Just Shoot Me Video, LLC Logo
Just Shoot Me Video, LLC

Just Shoot Me Video, LLC is a full-service video production company based in Connecticut, specializing in capturing on-stage events such as opera, dance, drama, musicals, ballet, jazz, recitals, and more. With a team of experienced professionals including Larry Engler and Jim Devine, also known as JD Video and JSM Video, ...

Services: Visual Storytelling, Video Editing, Film development

  • Year Founded: 2006
Anubis Digital Productions Logo
Anubis Digital Productions

Since 1995, this company has been a prominent figure in the wedding video production industry, specializing in creating cinematic wedding films that capture the essence of each couple's special day. With a team of professional videographers who excel in storytelling through their work, they have become known for their ability ...

Services: Wedding videographer, Video Pre-Production, Filmography service, Film editing

  • Year Founded: 2000
High St. Graphics Logo
High St. Graphics

With a focus on preserving personal histories through a cinematic lens, the premiere legacy video company offers a unique approach to storytelling. Their services include video production, graphic design, web design, print, and book publishing, among others. Through interviews and film, they capture the essence of individuals' lives and create ...

Services: Visual Media Production, Video recording, Film editing

  • Year Founded: 2013
AVideo Studio Logo
AVideo Studio

AVideo Studio, located in Middletown, Connecticut, can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 860.510.9435. They offer a variety of services including theatrical commercials, docuseries, event coverage, and more. Clients can fill out a form on their website and expect a response within 24 hours.

Services: Business photography, Videography service, Aerial cinematography, Video marketing services

  • Year Founded: 2018
Nanfito Productions, LLC Logo
Nanfito Productions, LLC

Nanfito Productions, LLC is dedicated to bringing their clients' ideas to life through innovative media and marketing strategies. The company's mission is to assist customers in establishing a strong brand identity through compelling content. Those interested in learning more can schedule a free consultation with Nanfito Productions, LLC today.

Services: Video production service, Video marketing services

  • Year Founded: 2022
The Film Posse, Inc. Logo
The Film Posse, Inc.

Energetic media artists at The Film Posse, Inc. possess the experience, creativity, and technical knowledge required to craft innovative and compelling narratives in today's fast-changing digital age. Specializing in documentaries and films for screens large and small, they bring a unique perspective to each project they undertake.

Services: Video production service, Aerial cinematography, SFX - Special effect videos, Video ads

  • Year Founded: 2005
Headshots Hero Logo
Headshots Hero

With a focus on delivering high-quality headshots for professionals in Connecticut, the team at Headshots Hero is dedicated to helping individuals showcase their personal brand through photography. Specializing in Professional, Corporate, Business, LinkedIn, and Personal Branding headshots, Headshots Hero has established a reputation for providing top-notch services to clients throughout ...

Services: Image and Video Production, Corporate video editing

  • Year Founded: 2019
Studio52 North Logo
Studio52 North

Studio52 North is a photography studio run by Amy Murray, a dedicated photographer with a passion for capturing beautiful moments. Clients can inquire about booking studio time, equipment availability, or any other questions they may have. Amy and her team are always ready to provide the information and assistance needed ...

Services: Visual Storytelling, Video film making, Pre-wedding video, Corporate video creation

  • Year Founded: 2014
Coffeehouse Recording Studio Logo
Coffeehouse Recording Studio

Located in the historic town of Middletown, CT, the coffeehouse recording studio is a creative hub for musicians and artists alike. Visitors can step into this unique space by clicking on a picture on the website. Not only is it a recording studio, but it is also the proud home ...

Services: Visual Storytelling, Video Editing, Wedding videographer, Photography services, Motion graphics making, Video ads

Multi-Focus Media Logo
Multi-Focus Media

Multi-Focus Media specializes in providing high-quality photography services for real estate listings. Their team of experienced photographers are dedicated to capturing the essence of each property, ensuring that potential buyers are impressed by what they see. For stunning real estate listing photos that will make your property stand out, look ...

Services: Video & audio editing, Film production services, Visual Media Production, Corporate event video

  • Year Founded: 2020

Compare Top Video Production Companies

Here are some Middletown, CT based companies specializign in specific niche/market.

No. Company Name Founded In Services Focus Website
1 CT Video Image Studios 2020 Video Pre-Production
2 Regional Productions 2010 Digital videography
3 Rashid Film & Photo Studio 2022 Digital videography
4 CONTENT PICTURES 2008 Digital video production
5 Hickman Video Productions 2020 Visual effects
6 Derek Dudek 1998 Visual Storytelling
7 Just Shoot Me Video, LLC 2006 Visual Storytelling
8 Anubis Digital Productions 2000 Wedding videographer
9 High St. Graphics 2013 Visual Media Production
10 AVideo Studio 2018 Business photography
11 Nanfito Productions, LLC 2022 Video production service
12 The Film Posse, Inc. 2005 Video production service
Video Production in Middletown - Market Leaders
Video Production in Middletown, Connecticut By Company Size
  • Best Video Production Studio: CT Video Image Studios
  • Best Video Production Company: Regional Productions
  • Best Video Production Service: Headshots Hero
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