Top Video Production Companies in Garland, Texas (TX)

Top Video Production Companies includes Starline Studio, V IMAGE Productions, 360-Media Real Estate Photography, LSMG STUDIO and LUXURY UNITED KITCHEN., VS CREATIVES as well as 32 other firms

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Starline Studio Logo
Starline Studio

Starline Studio is renowned as one of the top photography studios in the DFW Area, offering exceptional photography and videography services. The team at Starlinestudios prides themselves on their commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail in every project they undertake. Their studio space is thoughtfully designed to inspire ...

Services: Video creation, Business photography

  • Year Founded: 2008
V IMAGE Productions Logo
V IMAGE Productions

V IMAGE Productions is a versatile company based in the United States that specializes in corporate, wedding, and event productions. With a team of skilled photographers and videographers, they excel in capturing the essence of each occasion. From corporate headshots to stunning wedding photography, V IMAGE Productions is dedicated to ...

Services: Digital videography, Motion-picture photography, Company profile video, Bridal videography, Visual Media Production

  • Year Founded: 2014
360-Media Real Estate Photography Logo
360-Media Real Estate Photography

With a five-star rating and a guarantee of satisfaction, the property imaging experts at 360-Media specialize in real estate and hospitality photography in Texas. Their services include drone aerial photography, video production, virtual tours, and website creation. Based in Dallas, Texas, they serve clients throughout East Texas, including the bustling ...

Services: Aerial cinematography, Visual Media Production, Image and Video Production

  • Year Founded: 2016

Luxury Sound Music Group is an audio and visual company based in Garland, TX, offering services such as mixing, mastering, voice overs, and music production. Their fully functional studio is soundproofed and equipped with top-notch acoustic treatment. They also provide 4k and 1080P video filming and editing, photography services, online ...

Services: Visual Storytelling, Video Editing, Event photography, Audio production, Film development

  • Year Founded: 2019

The diverse production team at VS Creatives in Dallas is comprised of experienced creatives who are dedicated to serving their clients with top-notch photo, film, and design services. Their focus on storytelling ensures that each project is carefully planned and tailored to meet the specific needs of every client. With ...

Services: Video Pre-Production, Film creation

SkyLVL Altitude Media Logo
SkyLVL Altitude Media

SkyLVL Altitude Media, based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in providing top-notch aerial photography services. The company's team of FAA certified drone operators ensures that clients receive the highest quality drone and aerial photography and video services for their businesses. SkyLVL Altitude Media is dedicated to capturing stunning aerial shots that ...

Services: Motion-picture photography, Drone videography

  • Year Founded: 2014
Cloud 10 Studios Logo
Cloud 10 Studios

Cloud 10 Studios is known for its innovative approach to animation, offering a wide range of services to clients in various industries such as healthcare, advertising, marketing, and digital design. The studio is dedicated to producing original content that captivates audiences and pushes the boundaries of creativity. With a team ...

Services: Marketing video creation, Videography and Production, Video commercial creation, Video animation

  • Year Founded: 2017
3M Wedding Studio Logo
3M Wedding Studio

The team at 3M Wedding Studio consists of a group of young, dynamic, and creative videographers and photographers who are dedicated to constantly learning and improving their craft to deliver high-quality products to their customers. Located in Garland, Texas, 3M Wedding Studio is committed to providing exceptional service and capturing ...

Services: Wedding video editing, Video Pre-Production, Filmography service

  • Year Founded: 2017
Reverie Wedding Productions  Logo
Reverie Wedding Productions

Reverie Wedding Productions, a wedding film house based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in creating timeless films that capture the essence and emotions of your special day. With a focus on preserving priceless memories, they are available for commissions worldwide. Contact them for a video consult within 24 hours to discuss ...

Services: Bridal videography, Videography and Production, Digital film cutting

Friday Films + Foto Logo
Friday Films + Foto

Based in Dallas, Texas, the team at Friday Films + Foto specializes in capturing the most special moments of weddings and family events. With a passion for creating personalized and beautiful memories, they offer custom wedding packages tailored to each couple's unique vision. Whether in Dallas, throughout the DFW area, ...

Services: Digital videography, Event videography, Film production

  • Year Founded: 2018
Signature Style Media Logo
Signature Style Media

Signature Style Media offers top-notch cinematography and professional video production services in Dallas, NC, TX, Raleigh, and beyond. Known for their exceptional Film Production Services, Videography Services, and post-production expertise, Signature Style Media stands out as one of the premier video production companies in the industry. Their team of talented ...

Services: Videography service, Video Pre-Production, Film editing

  • Year Founded: 2022
Lonely Lane Logo
Lonely Lane

Lonely Lane specializes in creating compelling video content to effectively communicate the identity and message of your brand, product, or service. Their team of skilled professionals combines creativity and technical expertise to produce high-quality videos that engage and resonate with audiences.

Services: Video production service, Visual effects

  • Year Founded: 2018
DancerXM Video Production Logo
DancerXM Video Production

The team at DancerXM Video Production specializes in taking a creative, visual approach to drive organic engagement and build brand loyalty. Their expertise lies in guiding clients towards successful marketing strategies that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Reach out to them today to see how they can elevate ...

Services: Visual Storytelling, Video ads

  • Year Founded: 2022
Red Door Cinema Logo
Red Door Cinema

With a focus on meaningful storytelling, Red Door Cinema offers full service video production to help Companies, Agencies, and Brands connect with audiences in new and innovative ways. Their team of creatives is dedicated to producing engaging content that resonates with viewers and brings brands to life through visual storytelling. ...

Services: Promo videos, Visual Media Production

  • Year Founded: 2021
Leelo Video Logo
Leelo Video

Leelo Video is a video design studio located in Portland, OR, that specializes in corporate and commercial video production. Visitors are welcomed to explore the creative services offered by this studio, which is dedicated to bringing clients' visions to life through engaging visual storytelling. Located in the vibrant city of ...

Services: Brand video, Video Pre-Production

  • Year Founded: 2020
HappyBox Productions Logo
HappyBox Productions

At HappyBox Productions, story-centric experiences are meticulously crafted for clients and their audiences. Their team of Dallas filmmakers specialize in videography and video production services that bring events to life on screen. From capturing memorable moments to creating compelling marketing videos, HappyBox Productions ensures that every project is tailored to ...

Services: Video film making, Digital video production, Filmography service, Video marketing services

  • Year Founded: 2023
Cloud 9 Films Logo
Cloud 9 Films

Cloud 9 Films is a video production company that prides itself on being visual storytellers, with a mission to move audiences to act and feel. They strive to capture the pride and passion of the businesses they partner with, serving as an invaluable extension of their marketing team. Visit ...

Services: Explainer video creation, Video production service, Digital film cutting

  • Year Founded: 2019
Be Content Media Logo
Be Content Media

Specializing in corporate branded content video, Be Content Media is an award-winning video production company with locations in Dallas, TX and New Orleans, LA. The company's talented team is dedicated to creating high-quality videos that effectively convey the message of their clients. For top-notch video production services, give them a ...

Services: Videography and Production, Corporate videography, VFX editing

  • Year Founded: 2017
A Media Studio LLC Logo
A Media Studio LLC

Located in Dallas, Texas, this photo and video production company specializes in creating storytelling visuals that effectively connect with target audiences. A Media Studio LLC utilizes photography and video to bring brands to life and deliver powerful messages through engaging content.

Services: Digital Photography, Video production service, Motion graphics making

  • Year Founded: 2022
I.G. Shelton Logo
I.G. Shelton

Based in Garland, Texas, I.G. Shelton specializes in video and audio recording services, offering expertise in wedding videography, event videography, and theater recordings. The company is known for their high-quality videography work, capturing special moments and preserving them for a lifetime. Whether it be a wedding, event, or theater performance, ...

Services: Video Production, Event videography, Video recording, Video narration

  • Year Founded: 2016
Leightvision Productions Logo
Leightvision Productions

With a passion for capturing life's precious moments, this Mansfield-based photography and videography company has been serving clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and beyond for the past three years. Specializing in portrait photography and professional videography, they also offer their services in Irving and Arlington. Whether it's a family portrait ...

Services: Photography services, Video recording & editing, Brand video, Video Pre-Production

  • Year Founded: 2021
Pensive Pictures Logo
Pensive Pictures

Specializing in filmmaking and videography services, the United States-based company offers top-notch production solutions to the DFW area. Pensive Pictures is known for their creative approach to storytelling and dedication to bringing their clients' visions to life on screen.

Services: Videography service, Videography and Production, Film production services

  • Year Founded: 2020
Moon Media LLC Logo
Moon Media LLC

Moon Media LLC is a production company helmed by Video Producer & Director, Jonathan Moon. Specializing in live video production and editing, Jonathan also has a passion for photography and audio mixing. With a love for movies and music, he is known for his witty film reviews on social media. ...

Services: Video Editing, Photographer service, Videography and Production, Digital film cutting, Video narration

  • Year Founded: 2015
Meridith Manning Productions, Inc Logo
Meridith Manning Productions, Inc

Meridith Manning Productions, Inc. is a full-service production company led by award-winning producers, photographers, and editors who never overlook any detail, no matter how small. Specializing in documentary-style videos and product shots, they work closely with clients to bring their vision to life and deliver projects that exceed expectations. From ...

Services: Digital video production, Corporate video editing

  • Year Founded: 2018
Dnpixels Photography Logo
Dnpixels Photography

Specializing in capturing the love and joy of soon-to-be brides in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, Dnpixels Photography offers top-notch wedding and engagement photography services. The talented team at Dnpixels Photography & Film is dedicated to providing unforgettable memories through their stunning images.

Services: Photography services, Wedding videography, Film making

  • Year Founded: 2015

Compare Top Video Production Companies

Here are some Garland, TX based companies specializign in specific niche/market.

No. Company Name Founded In Services Focus Website
1 Starline Studio 2008 Video creation
2 V IMAGE Productions 2014 Digital videography
3 360-Media Real Estate Photography 2016 Aerial cinematography
4 LSMG STUDIO and LUXURY UNITED KITCHEN. 2019 Visual Storytelling
5 VS CREATIVES Video Pre-Production
6 SkyLVL Altitude Media 2014 Motion-picture photography
7 Cloud 10 Studios 2017 Marketing video creation
8 3M Wedding Studio 2017 Wedding video editing
9 Reverie Wedding Productions Bridal videography
10 Friday Films + Foto 2018 Digital videography
11 Signature Style Media 2022 Videography service
12 Lonely Lane 2018 Video production service
Video Production in Garland - Market Leaders
Garland (TX) Video Production Pricing
  • Average Hourly Rates: US$ 18.87/hour
  • Average Order Size (Lowest): US$ 962.37/project
  • Average Order Size (Highest) US$ 12265.50/project
Video Production in Garland, Texas By Company Size
  • Best Video Production Studio: Starline Studio
  • Best Video Production Company: V IMAGE Productions
  • Best Video Production Service: 360-Media Real Estate Photography
  • Best Video Production Agency: SkyLVL Altitude Media
  • Best Video Production Production Service: Reverie Wedding Productions
  • Best Video Production Freelancer: Moon Media LLC
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