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Allows you to create a bootable USB that supports all Windows versions. Provides the support for multiple USB bootloaders that allow you to install various OS in a single USB media.


The lite version doesn’t support NTFS and exFAT file system. The unlimited Multiboot items feature can only be used in the Professional and Business version of the software.


Helps you to create any kind of USB bootable media for Windows and other operating systems, with Multiboot support. Allows you to install Windows from your USB drive easily.

Detailed Review

WinToFlash is a bootable USB creator software created and developed by Novicorp, a software company founded in 2009. The company has been active in creating software for everyday use, which can be used by regular users, advanced users, and IT professionals. The company also offers businesses to create custom software for various purposes, such as the client service system, warehouse control, IT management, and more.

Install Any Windows System From USB

WinToFlash is a software that helps you to install any Windows operating system in a modern way. The old way of installing Windows would be to copy the installation file to the CD or DVD media, and you can perform the installation from the CD or DVD disc. But, the USB media is much easier to install your Windows, since it doesn’t have any long loading time, and the process can be done much quicker and easier. With this software, you can create any bootable USB media for any Windows operating system. Whether you want to install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, you can do it with this software in an easy way.

Support For Multi Bootloaders In A Single USB Device

The difference between this software and other similar USB bootloader creators is that this software allows you to put many Windows bootloaders in a single USB media. The other software would only allow you to put one Windows installation on a single USB device. But, this software allows you to put multiple installation files from multiple operating systems in a single USB drive. It means that you can put the installation of Windows 10 and Windows 8 in one USB drive, without having to put them separately. You can then install the desired operating system on any device. Not only it supports Windows operating systems, it also supports Linux operating systems as well.

Hassle-free Installation Without Complicated Command Prompts

In the past, installing the entire Windows operating system could only be done by IT professionals or advanced users. For regular users, it would be very difficult for them to install the entire OS, since there are too many complicated command prompts that they need to deal with during the installation process. It is not so with WinToFlash. With this software, you can install any Windows operating system easily, in just a few steps. No need to deal with multiple command prompts that are confusing and make the installation more difficult. Just choose your operating system and start the installation process right away.

Create Emergency Recovery Media And Live USB

This software can also allow you to create emergency recovery USB that gives you the option to recover your OS installation. So, when there is a problem with your Windows installation, you can activate the emergency recovery via the USB device to restore your OS installation. In this way, you can always solve any problem related to your operating system. Another feature is the live USB feature, which allows you to create the live USB from various operating systems, mainly for Linux. In this way, you can try an operating system without having to install it fully to your machine.

Limit The Capacity For Your USB Drive

While installing the modern version of Windows might be easy enough for you to do via USB, it is not so when you install the old operating system like DOS. There is a drive capacity limit that you need to have in order for the DOS operating system to recognize your drive, and initiate the installation process. WinToFlash allows you to limit the capacity of your USB drive as much as you need. In other words, if you need it to install an older operating system, this feature can be used so that the OS can recognize your drive and begin the installation process.


WinToFlash is the kind of USB bootloader creator software that can tackle all your bootloader creation needs. It allows you to install any operating system via the USB media, and makes the installation as smooth as possible for you. It also allows you to put multiple OS installations into a single USB, so that you don’t need to switch to different USB media if you want to install another OS on your machine. There are also other features that you can use, such as USB capacity limit, emergency USB creation, live USB creation, UEFI support, portable version, and more. All in all, if you want to easily install Windows or other operating systems via the USB media, this is the software that you need to use.

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