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Allows you to use a tabbed file manager layout like Norton Commander, but with a more modern layout and advanced features. Has the logical color feature to determine various file actions.


Though it is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, this software performs best when it is run on Windows 10. Free upgrades are only available for the recent versions of the software.


Provides an advanced file manager software with the tabbed and the dual panel layout as the highlighted feature. Gives you the ease of accessing your files with simple shortcuts and quick access.

Detailed Review

WinNc is a file manager software created and developed by Dunes Multimedia, a multimedia software company based in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. The focus of the company is to develop multimedia software for Windows, as well as doing various work related to web design, graphic design, Word templates, and PowerPoint templates. The company created WinNc as an alternative file manager software with similar functionalities as the discontinued Norton Commander, which was a well-known and highly reputable DOS file manager software that offers various advanced features at the time.

Tabbed And Dual Panel Interface

The tabbed and the dual panel interface is the highlighted feature of Norton Commander, a discontinued file manager software for DOS that this software tries to clone. Thus, you get the same functionality as Norton Commander, with better features, when you use WinNc. With its tabbed and dual panel interface, you can get more things done with your computer, since the layout itself can help you boost your productivity. This layout helps you to organize all of your files based on categories or projects that you create, and you can do all the common tasks such as copy, paste, compress, and other tasks easily.

Logical Colors To Determine The File Actions

The unique feature of this software is the logical colors that it has. The logical colors help you to determine the file actions for your files and folders, meaning that you can track whether certain files have been copied, moved, compressed, and so on. In this way, you always know which files that you use actively, and which files that you use only occasionally. You can assign various colors for each file action. For instance, you can assign a green color for files that have been moved, and yellow color for files that have been copied.

Easily Access Your Files With Quick Access

The quick access feature of WinNc allows you to access your files easily, especially the recent files that you have accessed. This software keeps track of the folders and files that you have worked with in the past, and it brings them to you within the quick access menu. So, just by clicking the quick access icon or pressing the shortcut on your computer, you can easily access your recent files and continue to work with those files without having to manually browse those files on your computer. The quick access menu is also embedded with the search function to allow you find any files or folders on your computer quickly.

Fully Compatible With Windows 10 Platform

This file manager software is specifically developed for Windows 10 platform, and it works seamlessly with the platform without any conflicts with the native file manager. However, it is also compatible with the earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 8 and Windows 7. It brings more options for you to manage your files, so in a sense, it can give you a better file management than the native Windows file manager. With various features that are not available in the native Windows file manager, you can use this software to perform various tasks that are usually impossible to do with the Native Windows file manager.

Various Customization Options Available

With WinNc, you can choose various customization options that give you more freedom to manage your files on your computer. For instance, you can change the themes of this software according to your preferences, and you can also change various aspects of the software, such as visual features and panel options. With the dual panel settings, you can set how the panel looks within the software interface, and whether you want to include some folder tabs or project tabs in your panel.


While the native Windows file manager might already do the decent work to help manage your files on your computer, you might find it a little easier to manage your files if you have a tabbed and dual panel interface on your file manager. This is what WinNc offers to its users, which is the ease of file management that they can do on their computer, so that they can accomplish more tasks in less amount of time. With the features offered by this software, such as logical colors, quick access, and customization options, this is the perfect replacement for Norton Commander, and of course, a good alternative for the native Windows file manager.

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