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Provides a complete monitoring system for both HDD and SSD to detect hard disk failures and performance problems. Works with all types of hard drives, both internal and external.


Only available for Windows operating systems


Allows you to monitor and analyze your disk health using a thorough monitoring system, with complete reports. Informs you instantly about the possible problems within the drives.

Detailed Review

Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard drive monitoring and analytic software created and developed by H. D. S. Hungary, a software company founded in 2002 and based in Urhida, Hungary. The company specializes in providing software related to storage media and data protection for both personal and business users. The company also offers customized software products for companies that need to use different software requirements for their business.

Display A Detailed Hard Drive Information

When it comes to monitoring your hard drives, you need the software that can display as much information as possible. Hard Disk Sentinel is the kind of software that can do that for you. It displays a detailed hard drive information with a thorough analysis, not just like any regular hard drive monitoring tools out there. Once you’ve installed this software and start the monitoring process, your hard drive information is displayed in detail, such as revision number, maximum transfer mode, current transfer mode, and all features that it has. Not only that, the software also displays the information about the used space on each partition, as well as the health status of your hard drives.

Instant S.M.A.R.T Monitoring

S.M.A.R.T monitoring system, which stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, is a system developed by IBM. This is a kind of system that allows you to check the status of your hard drives, and display the status on your computer. Today’s hard drives use this technology to monitor the health status during its operations, and it assigns the values to determine how good the hard drives are performing. This hard drive monitoring software uses this feature to display the accurate information about each hard drive that you have instantly, so you don’t need to wait for a long time to analyze your hard drives. What this software does is that it interprets the S.M.A.R.T values as performance percentage, estimated life time, total power on time, and health percentage.

Support For All Types Of Hard Drives

With Hard Disk Sentinel, you can monitor all types of hard drives. Whether you have it installed as internal storage, external storage, or hard drives in RAID arrays, you can use this software to check the condition of those hard drives. Not only that, whether you have regular HDD, SSD, or hybrid drives, you can use this software to monitor all of your drives. No matter what connection that you use, whether it is IDE, USB, ATA, SATA,  SCSI, and more, this software can detect your hard drives and display the accurate and complete information about each of them.

Alerts And Shutdown

The two important features of this software that you should take a look are Alerts and Shutdown. With the Alerts feature, you get the notifications or alerts for many types of problems that might be experienced by your hard drives. There are various alerts that you can set up, such as SMS alert, email alert, sound alert, and so on. You can also set the software to send daily alerts to your email to inform about the current status of your drives. The Shutdown feature allows you to shut down your computer when your hard drives experience failure, overheating problem, or health degradation.

Hardware And Software Tests For Your Hard Drives

Hard Disk Sentinel offers hardware and software tests to determine the status of your hard drives. In this way, the software can check both the hardware and software parts of your hard drives, and informs you the accurate information about your hard drives condition. The hardware test can be done by using the built-in hardware test methods in your hard drives to find any possible problems that it may experience. The software test includes scanning your hard drives for errors and other problems.


While your Windows operating system may offer a simple tool to check your hard drive condition, such as error checking tool or defragmentation tool, it doesn’t provide as comprehensive features as Hard Disk Sentinel. This software offers various features that allow you to display the most accurate information about your hard drive condition, including the temperature, performance, health status, and more. It uses various different testing methods to monitor and analyze your hard drives, and give you immediate notifications whenever there is a problem with your disks. It also supports various types of hard drives with various connection types. All in all, this is the right disk monitoring tool that you need if you want to have a comprehensive monitoring system for your hard drives.

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