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Helps you to increase your productivity by creating as many virtual desktop spaces as you need, with the ability to customize each virtual desktop easily. Allows you to organize your workspace by the tasks that you have, and switch between each workspace easily.


Free updates of the software is available only for 1 year. Doesn’t provide custom hotkeys and desktop icons manager features.


Provides the features that you need to help you manage virtual desktop environments on your computer without having to go through complicated steps. Workplace organization is designed to keep your tasks organized and improve your work productivity.

Detailed Review

Actual Virtual Desktops is a virtual desktop software created and developed by Actual Tools, a software company founded in 2002 and based in Vancouver, Canada. The focus of the company is to provide various desktop enhancement software for Windows, which is designed to increase the computational efficiency in Windows computers for the home and corporate users. The company helps their users to improve their work productivity while making it simple for them to switch between various tasks using only one computer.

Application Grouping By Tasks

By creating various virtual desktops with Actual Virtual Desktops, you are able to group various running applications by tasks for each desktop. For instance, if you create four virtual desktops, with the first desktop to play multimedia files, the second desktop for business communications, the third desktop for running business-specific applications, and the fourth desktop for managing your finances, then you can effectively create the application grouping based on the tasks that you give to each virtual desktop. And it is very easy to switch between different tasks when you do this, and your desktop is less cluttered as well.

Give You Two Modes For Multiple Monitors

Even though you have multiple monitors hooked into one computer, it doesn’t mean that virtual desktops are no longer needed. In fact, it becomes easier for you to manage your virtual desktops using multiple monitors, as this software provides you two modes to do that. The first mode is the classic mode. In this mode, you can create virtual desktops as usual, but each monitor is showing the same screen. The second mode is the independent mode. In this second mode, you can create virtual desktops for each monitor, allowing you to work more conveniently with each of them.

Switch Between Each Virtual Desktop Easily And Smoothly

The good thing about Actual Virtual Desktops is that you can easily switch between each virtual desktop that you create using this software. It helps you to improve your work productivity significantly, especially if you need to switch between tasks quickly. There is a feature called Virtual Desktops Switcher that helps you to manage all of your virtual desktops in one simple dashboard. In this way, you can pick and choose the next virtual desktop that you need to use, and you can switch to that desktop environment quickly. You can see the thumbnails for each virtual desktop, along with applications that are running on it.

Keep Only Relevant Windows Visible

With this software, you don’t need to deal with unnecessary clutters. If you create a lot of virtual desktops on your computer, there is a chance that you get overwhelmed with the tasks in each desktop. With this software, such a problem can be handled easily. It helps you to keep only relevant windows visible on your monitor, which means that you can hide irrelevant tasks in the background while you work on the current tasks. You can do this without actually closing the other applications, so that they are ready whenever you need them.

Easy Customization For Each Virtual Desktop

Creating the same virtual desktops for your computer can be boring sometimes. So, Actual Virtual Desktops provides you with the option to customize each virtual desktop easily. In this way, you can make each virtual desktop look differently from each other, so that you can easily identify each virtual desktop along with the associated tasks. For each virtual desktop, you can add custom wallpaper, as well as rename each virtual desktop to identify it. In this way, switching between each virtual desktop is no longer a confusing thing to do.


If you have lots of tasks to do and only one computer to do it, it is clear that you need to create virtual desktop environments on your computer. Actual Virtual Desktops is the software that can do the job properly in helping you create as many virtual desktops that you need. This software helps you to customize each virtual desktop and make it your personal workspace. It is very easy to switch between each virtual workspace based on the tasks that you assign on each workspace, which helps to improve your productivity significantly. It can also be used with multiple monitors, which makes your tasks even simpler and easier to complete.

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