Everything You Need To Know About Usenet Archives

If you are born in the internet age, which means the age where internet is a common thing in your daily life, there is a little chance that you know about Usenet. However, you might know about it from the people around you, though you might not quite understand about it yet. So, what is Usenet?

It can be said that Usenet is the predecessor of the internet, and before the internet was, there was Usenet. It is actually a network of newsgroups that allows users to exchange text information with other users around the world. The functionality of Usenet is almost like the functionality of internet forums and newsgroups of today. This was in the days when the standard of network connection is dial-up, which is very slow for todayís internet.

However, as time goes by, Usenet is no longer used just as a network of newsgroups. With the increasing connection speed, users can now attach files and share them within the Usenet network. Thus, Usenet can be treated as a kind of archive where the files, from old to new files, can be stored in its network with high preservation rate, due to the network being interconnected with each other, storing the files in multiple servers at the same time. But, remember that Usenet cannot be accessed via regular browser. You have to access the Usenet network via the Usenet client and pay for the access to the Usenet service providers.

What is Usenet Archive?

The Usenet Archive is the text content scattered throughout the Usenet network that has been preserved until now. It provides the content that has been posted since the day Usenet was created, which means in the early 1980s, until today. This archive is read-only, and you can search any type of content that is published on Usenet across hundreds of thousands of newsgroups in that time period. Thus, it contains a huge database of content that can become a very useful resource for any researchers worldwide, because this archive contains information about nearly everything.

Searching the Usenet Archive

There are two ways to search the Usenet archive. The first and normal way is to use a Usenet client with a Usenet service provider access. This is the proper way to access the Usenet network, and you can browse through the archive through your Usenet client easily with this method. The second method is by using the internet to search for Usenet archive. How can you do that? You can do it by accessing http://www.theusenetarchive.com/ and search any topic that you want to search on Usenet. This Usenet archive search engine allows you to search for the database of 200,000 newsgroups within the Usenet network. There, you can practically find about anything.

Here are some of the best Usenet service providers you can use to access the Usenet Archive:


Easy news provides the ability for you to search the entire Usenet network and download the file attachments available there. There are three basic pricing options that you can choose: Classic Plan, Big Gig Plan, and Plus Plan, all come with free trial account. The monthly transfer rates are limited for each plan, with free unlimited VPN available for the Big Gig plan. You can learn more information about this service here: https://www.easynews.com/.  


GigaNews provides Usenet access with unlimited speed, so that you can maximize the use of your internet connection speed while browsing the Usenet archive using this service provider. It offers low latency and always-on connection, which means that you donít need to worry about losing the connection to the Usenet service while you are at it. You can try this service for free before committing fully into it. You can learn more here: http://www.giganews.com/.


Astraweb is one of the oldest Usenet service providers that are available online. It has been in business since the 90s, and you can trust its reliability in providing you the best Usenet connection. There are a lot of pricing options that you can choose with this service, including Unlimited 10Mbit/s, Unlimited DSL, 25 GB plan, 180 GB plan, and 1000 GB plan. You can use up to 20 simultaneous connections with this service. Learn more here: http://www.astraweb.com/.

If you are wondering about what Usenet client to use to browse the Usenet Archive, you can choose among the best Usenet clients (it is the equivalent of internet browsers to browse the internet), which are Grabit (http://www.shemes.com/), SABnzbd+ (http://sabnzbd.org/), and Newsbin (http://www.newsbin.com/).