Free People Search Engines And Email Address Finders

People Search gives you the best people finders on the Net, all on one page.

You may perfectly well use ordinary search engines to find people on the Web. You will soon find, however, that using one of the Net's many people search engines will be more effective.

Furthermore, online "white pages" will often give you data you will not find on company webpages: Private phone numbers, for instance, reverse phone number look ups, a home address or a private email address.

There is no global email address directory. But you can use some of the email search engines listed here to search for the Internet address of a friend, a colleague, a company or an institution. If you use more than one, chances are that you will find the person or the business you are looking for.

As you can see from the search resources listed on this page, the Web is also an excellent gateway to genealogy and family history data and to biographies of famous celebrities and politicians.

Top People Search Engine

Below we have categorized various people search oriented sites according to theme and interests. Find sites focusing on genealogy, biographies, public records, home pages, email addresses, phone numbers and more. We have included resources for the US and North America as well as for Europe and the UK.

  • Whitepages: Whitepages allows you to search for people and phone numbers across the United States. You can find people in any city, as well as identify unknown phone numbers with the Whitepages service.
  • ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo provides a highly accurate and detailed information about people to help your business generate more leads. It is specifically designed as a B2B platform to help companies find the people that they are looking for.
  • Instant Checkmate: Instant Checkmate allows you to search for the public records of anyone within the United States area. It provides a complete and accurate information about anyone, including court documents, police records, contact information, and more.
  • Spokeo: Spokeo allows you to search people based on their name, email, phone, username, and address, by scanning their public information and social networks. It can help businesses and non-profits to connect with the people they are looking for.
  • Intelius: Intelius provides an accurate people search engine that is updated daily. It offers people search service, email lookup, social network search, and property records. You can also run a background check for anyone in the US.
  • Radaris: Radaris provides a comprehensive people search service in the US, which allows you to find people and professionals to connect with. It also provides reverse phone and reverse address services, which provide you a detailed contact information.
  • Peeplo: Peeplo is a search engine that allows you to make comparison result from various online sources for what you are searching for. The results are sorted by quality and relevance, from multiple qualified sources.
  • PeopleSmart: PeopleSmart allows you to explore the public records of anyone in the US, allowing you to learn more about them and connect with them. It provides detailed information, such as court records, criminal records, background reports, and more.
  • PeopleFinders: PeopleFinders helps to find the public records of anyone living in the US, by simply looking at their name, email, phone number, and address. It also offers background check, criminal records, and genealogy search.
  • helps you to find information about anyone and see what people are saying about that person online. It gives you the opportunity to control and monitor your online information. It is available only for US people.
  • Pipl: Pipl provides a comprehensive online people search service that you can rely on. It uses a unique algorithm which allows a more accurate result as compared with regular search engines. It can be used by individual and non-profits.
  • PeekYou: PeekYou helps you to find family, friends, old classmates, and contact information so that you can get in touch with them again. It works by finding public information published on social media, blogs, news, and other online sources.
  • helps you to search for peopleís information in the United States, including address, email, phone number, social network, and more. It can also be used to conduct a background check, search criminal records, public records, and more.
  • helps you to find information about people, white pages, yellow pages, zip code, addresses, and phone numbers in the United States. It can also help to find relevant information about the business that you are looking for.
  • ZabaSearch: ZabaSearch is a free online people search service that helps you to find information about anyone in the United States. You get instant results without the need to register with the service.
  • Switchboard: Switchboard is a service provided by Whitepages Inc. that allows you to search for people, businesses, and phone numbers in North America. It is a simple internet phonebook that can be used by either individual or business.
  • 192: is UKís people search provider, which allows you to search for people, places, and businesses within the United Kingdom area. It provides a detailed information on each listing, such as photos, contact information, property prices, and more.
  • 411: is a people search service provided by Whitepages Inc., which helps you to find and connect with the people in North America. You can search people based on their name, city, phone number, business, and address.

How to find people and email addresses

People Search is an all in one gateway with links to the best people finders on the Web. On this page you will find some tips on how to find people and email addresses.

As more and more people get connected to the Internet, the Web has become and valuable source of information for people looking for people. You can find biographies, home addresses, company phone numbers, email addresses and -- even -- someone's criminal record.

Let us say you were looking for a lost friend -- from college, maybe, or someone you met in Alaska in 1987. As more and more companies and organisations have their own Web sites with phone directories and presentations of their employees, chances are you might find him or her by doing a regular Web search. Who knows, this particular person may even have his or her own home page.

If you are searching for a celebrity you may use a search directory like Yahoo! DMOZ. Some famous people may even merit their own category. Most of us, however, do not get our own personal listing in Yahoo!, so your best bet is using a normal search engine or a metasearch engine like Pandia Metasearch.

Put the the name of the person in quotes to delimit the name as a phrase. If you search for "William Joyce", you avoid getting pages listing other members of the Joyce family (or rather: families). If there are several variants of this person's name, you should list them all. If you are using Boolean search terms, you can write:

"William Joyce" OR "William R. Joyce" OR "Bill Joyce"

A similar query using search engine math would render:

"William Joyce" "William R. Joyce" "Bill Joyce"

Please note, there are no PLUS-signs in this query, as entering + before these variations would mean that all forms of the name must be present on all the pages listed by the search engine. That is not what you want.

(For more information on Boolean queries and search engine math, see the Goalgetter


Still, it is often better to use one of the specialised people finders on the Web. There are, for instance, several White Pages directories that list persons, phone numbers and addresses. Among our favourites are Switchboard and Infospace. Americans may find these very useful. They also list people from other parts of the world, but this coverage is far from perfect. However, Non-Americans who want to find people from their home country, may find the information they need at or Populus. You will find all these sites listed on the Pandia People Search page.

E-mail search engines

There exists no global (or even national) email address directories. Most email directories are based on data given voluntarily by visitors to these sites. Hence, if you want people to find you, register! If you cannot find the address you are looking for using one engine, try another. Our favourite email address finders are Yahoo! People and Infospace E-mail.

When using search services like these, there are certain procedures that may improve your results. For instance:

  • Enter as much information as possible, at least the family name and state (two-letter code) or country.
  • If you know only a part of a name, enter that part and use a wildcard (normally an asterix) to fill in the blank. Is it William or Wilhelm? Write Wil*.
  • In some countries married women are listed under the name of their husband (yes, we know, we are entering the 21st century, but this is how some people like to do it!)
  • Some list their phone numbers without using their full first name. Try using an initial.

As there is not one perfect people finder, we often use a people metasearch engine to find persons on the Web. These search several of the best people finders in one go. We have included a search form for one of these on our new people search page. This page also includes links to all the services mentioned in this article, as well as a lot of other sites devoted to people searching: email address finders, white pages, yellow pages, public records, educational registers, genealogy sites, home pages, biography listings and more. If these cannot help you, you'd better hire a private detective!

Note: This is revised and updated version of Pandia's people search section. We made it available mainly because it is still among most sought section of old website.