MetaSearch - Searching Several Search Engines In One Go.

The Pandia Metasearch Engine: Searching several search engines and directories in one go.

What is the most effective way of searching the Internet? Not one search engine covers more than 30% of the entire Web, so often you have to use more that just one search engine to find what you are looking for. When using the Pandia Metasearch Engine you are searching several search sites at once.

How Meta Search Engines Works?

Metasearch engine is a kind of search engine that collects data from various third-party search engines. The difference between a Metasearch engine and a regular search engine is that Metasearch engine doesnít fetch data directly from the indexed websites. Instead, they gather the data through the data gathered by regular search engines, and display the data in one place.

The metasearch engine collects and sorts the hits, takes out duplicates, and presents the end result in a simple format. All this means that there is very big chance you will find what you are looking for.

Are there any drawbacks with metasearch engines? As not all the search engines use the same search syntax and operators, so it may be difficult to perform more advanced searches using Boolean search terms. So, if you do not succeed using the Pandia Metasearch Engine, we recommend that you search each search engine separately. Seasoned searchers may consult the Pandia Q-cards when doing this.

If you want to know more about effective Internet searching and metasearch engines, the Pandia Search Central has a short and easy Search Tutorial.

Top Metasearch Engines

Here are the lists of top Metasearch engines that you can use:

  • Instya allows you to search multiple websites in one click. These websites include search engines, answer sites, shopping sites, and more. Instya delivers all the results in one place, allowing you to get more comprehensive and relevant results for your queries.
  • WebCrawler is a search engine aggregator service provided by InfoSpace, LLC. It displays the search result from Google and Yahoo search engines. With this Metasearch engine, you can search the web, images, videos, and news. It also displays featured searches on the homepage to help you get started.
  • provides search results from various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Open Directory, Yandex, Bing, and more. It allows you to experience the best of the web with more relevant results. You can search the web, topics, shop, jobs, images, news, video, and more.
  • Ixquick is a Metasearch engine that respects your privacy. It uses the results from the worldís best search engines without gathering any private information about you. You can search the web, images, and videos using this service. Advanced Search is available, providing more detailed results.
  • Dogpile allows you to fetch search results provided by various big name search engines. The service is provided by InfoSpace, LLC. With this service, you can search for the web, images, video, news, and white pages. The Favorite Fetches show you the most popular searches.
  • Mamma is a search aggregator service provided by Empresario Inc., which allows you to search for the web, news, images, local content, and recommended articles. It uses your location information to give you better local search results for your queries.
  • Scour provides web, images, videos, local, and business search results that are gathered from various search engines. was founded in 2007, and it is operated by Internext media. The main mission of this service is to deliver the most efficient and most relevant results for web searches.
  • Yippy is a search engine service provided by Yippy Inc. since 2009. It allows you to search the web using three search options: PC, Tablet, and Mobile. It categorizes your search queries automatically, allowing you to display niche-specific results, along with the number of results in each category.
  • whatUseek is a web search service that allows you to search the web and directory online. The service was launched in 1995, and today it has evolved into various web services within the whatUseek network, which include siteLevel, web search, directory search, and changeAlarm.
  • is a Metasearch engine service provided by CBS Interactive Inc. It provides search results based on categories such as web, news, shopping, articles, images, and more. The Top Matching Results provide the most relevant results from third-party search engines and the various networks of sites.
  • SurfWax is a search tool provided by SurfWax Inc., a software company based in Menlo Park, California, USA. The purpose of this service is to provide the latest search results based on most popular RSS sites. The results are updated hourly, providing the latest information for the users.

Note: This is a revised version of Pandia's earlier metasearch section.