Pandia Search Detective

The Pandia Search Engine Detective is Pandia's resource section for search intelligence. Here we list the best search oriented sites and blogs on the Internet.

If you are looking for the latest search engine news from Pandia, visit our search news page.

The best sites on search engines

Some advice on finding up to date search engine news and information.

There was a time when there was only a handful of search engine oriented sites on the Web, the most notable being Search Engine Watch, Researchbuzz, Traffick, About and (in all modesty) Pandia. The birth of the search engine weblog has changed all that. We can now count over a hundred sites and blogs devoted to search engines and searching, in a large number of countries.

This is, of course, a good thing. People trying to stay up to date on the development of the search engine industry can track many of these sites, and since all the weblogs try to print the latest search engine news first, you should be able to get the latest search engine gossip pretty quick.

However, there is one major problem: information overload. There is no way you can read all these weblogs on a daily basis.

Our solution is simple: If you are really busy, read Pandia's Searchworld column. We will give you the most essential search engine news and add some easy to read feature articles on searching and search engine marketing.

If you need more, we suggest that you add at least three news pages and weblogs to your reading list:

  • Search Engine Watch
  • John Batelle's weblog
  • Search Engine Journal

If you are looking for information on searching and search services only (as opposed to search marketing oriented sites), visit ResearchBuzz and ResourceShelf.

You may also bookmark a couple of news headline aggregators. Topix and NewsNow are good alternatives.

Sometimes you want to get more information about a particular news item. This is when the Pandia Search Engine Detective comes in handy.

You can use our list of search engine oriented sites to find more information. Moreover, you can use our special "search engine search engine" (see search form above) to search all of the English language sites listed here. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, it is probably not available on the Web.

Non-English sites

Non-English sites presenting search engine news and articles. Click on [E] for English translation of the site.

Note: This is an archived article written by Per and Susanne Koch. First published on Feb. 2005