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Provides a simple text and code editor for various programming environments that allows you to work with multiple documents at the same time. Provides highlighted syntax in the source code that you write within the editor.


Only available for Windows operating system. Forum support possible due to nature of license.


Allows you to work with various programming environments using a simple editor interface, which helps to remove all distractions when you code. Simple and lightweight package allow the software to be used in any type of computer without having to slow down its performance.

Detailed Review

PSPad is a free text and code editor software created and developed by Jan Fiala, a software expert living in the Czech Republic. The author of the software comes from Technical university, and the software itself has received many awards from respected software download websites, such as Softpedia, File Hungry, Download Pipe,, and more. The software is distributed as a freeware, with the author permitting the usage for personal and commercial purposes, as well as the alteration of the source code of the software.

Work In Various Programming Environments

While simple and lightweight, PSPad can be used to work on projects for various programming environments, such as HTML, Pascal, XML, PHP, INI, C, and C++. It means that it gives programmers a flexibility to use only one software for all their programming needs. The editor also comes with the spell checker feature to ensure that you are typing the words correctly, since one typing mistake can lead to the code being unable to be executed. So, with this software, you can use it to create HTML websites, build some PHP functions, or even a full-scale software to be used in Windows or other operating systems.

Highlighted Syntax

When it comes to using a full text and code editor software, it is important for you to be able to distinguish between the code syntax and regular text. This is why highlighted syntax is very useful to ensure that you know exactly the syntax that you are working on, as well as to separate between the programming language itself and the text that you write. This software provides highlighted syntax to ensure that you know the lines of codes that you are working with, and to be able to pinpoint any mistakes that you make during the coding session.

Distraction-Free Text And Code Editor

PSPad is a text and code editor software that is designed to be simple and easy to use, even for new programmers. It is a great learning tool for anyone who wants to learn about how to code effectively, and this software ensures that the users can use the editor without being distracted by too many options. Unlike other similar software that is not available for free, this software provides a very basic programming function that allows you to focus on writing your codes and texts with minimal distraction. The syntax is highlighted neatly, and the lines of codes are presented in an organized way.

Work With Multiple Documents At The Same Time

Let’s say that you need to work on HTML page and PHP function at the same time. You don’t need to worry about working on two documents at the same time. In fact, this software allows you to work on multiple documents at the same time to smooth your workflow. With this software, you can switch between documents and work on them easily and quickly. You don’t need to close the current document just to work on the next document with this software. You can do it while both documents are still open in the editor.


PSPad is not just a regular text and code editor software that you can use as a tool to create simple programs. It is more than that. This simple tool is equipped with features that allow you to work on various programming environments, with no distractions, organized lines of codes, and syntax highlighting that allow you to create code that are organized and executable. It is one of the best freeware text and code editor software that you can find on the internet today, and it can be a better choice than some similar paid software.

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