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Provides a simple-to-use webinar platform for any business, with just three simple steps: invite attendees, start webinar, and collect feedbacks.


The pricing plans are set per organizer, which can be very expensive to pay if you have more than one webinar organizer.


GoToWebinar is geared toward simplicity, which means that all the complicated steps associated with webinar creation and presentation are being simplified with this platform. With three different pricing plans, you can organize high quality and professional webinars according to your business needs.

Detailed Review

GoToWebinar is a webinar service provided by Citrix Systems, Inc. since the year 1997. Citrix Systems, Inc. is a technology and software company that focuses on giving benefits to people and making it easier for businesses to do their work. Citrix Systems, Inc. was founded in 1989, and the main headquarter is located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Unlimited Webinars and Online Meetings

Each plan on GoToWebinar provides you with unlimited webinars and online meetings. You can create as many webinars as you need for your business. You can also create as many online meetings as you need. The online meeting feature is provided by GoToMeeting service within the platform. The attendees will be limited to the maximum number of attendees provided in each plan. The first plan offers up to 100 attendees. The second plan offers up to 500 attendees. And the third plan offers up to 1,000 attendees.

3-Step Webinar Process

GoToWebinar provides a simple way for you to conduct any type of webinar session with 3-step process. The first step is to invite your audience using the GoToWebinar invitation tool. In this step, you can create a custom registration page for your webinar and send the invites to your audience. Your attendees can join the webinar without creating a GoToWebinar account. The second step is to start your webinar. You can do this by casting off your screen (desktop and other devices) and by using your webcam. The third and final step is to get feedbacks from your attendees. At the end of the webinar session, your attendees are allowed to give their feedback so that you can improve more on your webinar quality.

Full-service Registration

Full-service registration is a feature provided by GoToWebinar service that allows you to automate the webinar registration process. You don't need to do a lot of complicated things just to create a registration page for your webinar and let people join your webinar. All the necessary processes are being handled automatically by the GoToWebinar platform, so that you don't need to worry about managing your attendee information on your own database. This feature also comes with a full report about your attendance, which helps you to identify potential customers and send them follow-up messages easily.

HD Video Conferencing

You can stream your webcam in high quality video for your webinar. This allows you to use the GoToWebinar service for HD video conferencing, which helps you to build a more personal webinar presentation for your business. This feature also comes with the built-in audio options that allow you to use the computer speaker and microphone to transmit audio during the webinar session. Your attendees can also join your webinar via a toll-free calling service with the OpenVoice Integrated audio feature.

Webinar Recording

Each webinar session that you have done is archived within the GoToWebinar server, which you can access later. With this feature, you can record each webinar session and put the recording on your website so that people who didn't attend your webinar can watch or listen to the webinar recording on your website, or via the GoToWebinar link provided by you.

Surveys and Polls

During the webinar session, you can create surveys and polls so that your attendees can participate in the discussion. This feature allows you to get the feedback from your attendees on the spot, which helps to improve the engagement rate of your attendees. Aside from that, your readers can give their feedback about the whole webinar session once the webinar session is over.


If you want to use a simple webinar platform that you can use easily and without much hassle, then GoToWebinar is one good solution for you. GoToWebinar offers cloud web conferencing platform that is simple and easy to use, and you don't need to install complicated software in order to start using the platform. With three different pricing plans, you can choose the right plan that fits your needs according to the number of your participants.

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