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Powerful organization and filtering features, feature rich text editor, robust security and privacy.


Requires a little bit of time to be learned.


A robust, feature rich and secure email client for security and productivity concerned users.

Detailed Review

The market of email clients is a crowded one. There's no shortage of both paid and free options. Now, if one has to choose a client for personal use, it can be done by trying some of them for some time. But when it comes to business, the users generally don't get enough time to try different email clients. All they look for is a client that can provide security and productivity.

So in order to make their lives a bit easier here we're going to review one such email client. It's called The Bat!, and it proudly promotes its security and productivity centric features. Let's see how much weight there is in those claims:


The Bat! Team members feels proud of powerful security that they've provided in this program, so they don't shy in boasting about them. Some of the security and privacy features provided by it include:

  • Strong encryption: Your emails are encrypted not only when they're sent but also where they reside on your hard drive. And they're encrypted with some of the most secure protocols ever developed – SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 and 1.1 all are supported without any 3rd party libraries and The Bat! has got its own implementations of these cryptographic protocols.
  • Antivirus Integration: Another differentiating feature of The Bat! is that it integrate with antivirus plugins, thus allowing you to scan your email attachments for security threats.
  • Custom Address Book: Viruses collect your personal data, including your address book, and distribute it to spammers. Common address books included in popular email clients make an attractive target for cybercriminals and spammers, so a large number of viruses/malware are prepared while keeping those address books in mind.  That's why The Bat! Email client comes with its custom address book – to protect you from such address book stealing viruses.

Together these security features (along with many others) will give you a secure communications advantage that most other email clients/service providers don't.

User Interface and Experience

The user interface of this email client, when seen at a glance, looks completely packed (and even a bit overwhelmed) with features. There's a significant learning curve here, but once you learn about its different features and tools, believe me, you'll have great email management power in your hands. Managing mails will be much easier, and more productive. That is because although The Bat! is overwhelmed with features, proper attention has been paid to ease of use as well while developing those features. There're many features in it that make managing your email a lot easier than other clients. For example:

  • Internal HTML Viewer: When you click a link in an email, it doesn't fire a new tab in your web browser. Instead, it opens in The Bat!'s internal HTML viewer.
  • Message parking: Protects important emails by making them unmovable to other folders and undeletable without a warning. When you park a message, it remains right there in the inbox.
  • Smart Sorting Office: Setting up this feature may take some time, but once done, it can take care of almost anything that you tell it to do. You can set up sorting rules to filter your emails, automatically respond to emails, forward messages, export messages, run third-party programs and much more than that.

These and many other features included in The Bat! can help you manage your emails in an easy manner. However, you'll have to invest some time to learn about them.

Other Features

Besides these robust features The Bat! also comes with many others, which include Microsoft Exchange Connectivity, Multilingual interface, an in-built image viewer and an email import wizard. These features, once again, are there to ensure that you don't get stuck due to lack of any particular feature in your email client.


In the end we can say that The Bat! is a powerful email client that can increase both your productivity and security by huge margins. Though it'll take some of your time when you learn about it, in the long run that will be a good investment. You should certainly give it a try and begin with free version!

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