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Very easy to use, resume download functionality, superb download speeds, portable version option, ad free.


Windows only


Arguably the best free torrent client that you can use.

Detailed Review

Downloading torrents and other large files can be a daunting (and even frustrating) experience. Not only it requires a lot of time, but also a stable and high speed internet connection. And even then if your connection goes crazy even for a minute during the download, hell can break lose and you may lose all the hard work. Torrent clients with great downloading capabilities have been developed to mitigate these issues, but not many of them are both good and free. If "good", "free" and "download manager" all have to be included in the same sentence, it can be done for only one particular client: BitComet. And in this review we'll tell you why. Let's get started:


Setting up BitComet is a very easy task - just download their setup from the website, which is a small file of 15.5 mb and execute it. Once you execute, an installation wizard will guide you through the installation. While navigating through the setup you’ll also find an option of browser integration that you can check to integrate BitComet tightly with your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers.

While installing it may ask to install some other software. The software it will install is Chrome Browser, and the unnecessary task it will do is setting Yahoo! your default search engine in IE and Firefox. However, you can change these things by clicking the "Click here to customize installation" links on 5th screen if you like. The links will be located right below the descriptions of these two tasks.  

User Interface and Ease of Use

Once you install the software and launch it for the first time, you'll see an interface divided in several parts. The white area in the center is where you'll see the progress of your downloads. Above it is a ribbon that you can use to add new downloads or to control the progress of downloads. There's also a search engine for other torrent sites in the same ribbon. Below the white area you'll be able to see the different statistics and summary about your downloads, depending on which download task you select in the table.

Now, the interface may seem overwhelming at first, but believe me, using it is not. There's enough ease of use built into this software. As soon as you copy the download URL of a file, BitComet detects it automatically and shows you a pop up to add the download. You can also add the downloads either by dragging their download links into white area of software or by hitting “Ctrl+N” on your keyboard. It's that simple. And while adding a download task you can choose between the options of beginning download instantly or after some time - if you hit the "Download Now" button, the download will start instantly. If you choose "Download Later", the task will be added to download list in white area but downloading won't begin until you hit "Start" button after selecting it.

Torrent Capabilities

As I said above in UI section, BitComet includes a torrent search engine to help you search torrent sites. However, the result open in your web browser as it does not include an in-built browser. But that should not be too problematic, especially because it can integrate tightly with IE and Firefox. It also includes a Torrent Exchange feature that users can use to share torrents along with peers while downloading.

But the best is still remaining - it includes Remote Download functionality. You can set it up by navigating to Advanced Settings of client. Once set, it’ll allow you to remotely add torrents to BitComet client on your computer from a web browser - even when you’re not at home!

Download Experience

BitComet excels as much in normal downloads as in torrent downloads. You'll not only get the functionality of ‘resume downloading’ but also a significantly higher download speed than most web browsers.

That's right - you downloads will never fail because of poor connectivity, and if they interrupt you'll be able to resume them right from the point at which they interrupted. Plus, BitComet can download everything much faster than most web browsers. It diverts almost all power of your internet connection towards downloading, thus helping you save time on every download.


If you want a superb torrenting and downloading experience, BitComet is a must have software for your computer. You can't find anything which works better than it without involving a license fee or advertisements. So I recommend it very strongly to all Windows users.

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