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Provides a free ad blocking protection and privacy protection for your browsing experience. Includes various useful features without having to download any third-party plugins, such as Facebook integration, online video downloading, translation tool, and more.


Still in very early development. Need more third-party integrations.


Allows you to browse the web quickly and smoothly, with various third-party integrations available with a single click. Keeps your data safe and secure with the built-in privacy protection.

Detailed Review

Slimjet is a web browser software created and developed by FlashPeak Inc., a software company based in Austin, Texas. The focus of the company is to help provide the browser software that can protect the privacy of the users, as well as provides the full web experience with its ad-blocking feature. The company’s mission is to provide software that is compact, fast, and easy to use in various fields, such as networking, internet, word processing, and productivity.

Ad Blocker And Privacy Protection

The highlighted features of Slimjet are the built-in ad blocker and privacy protection tools. Unlike other browsers that don’t include such features, this browser comes with these features to ensure private and smooth browsing session for the users. With the ad blocking features, you don’t see any ads when you browse the web using this browser, which also helps you to load each web page faster as well. The privacy protection feature allows you to keep your browsing activities secure, without worrying that your activities are logged by any third-party companies, or even by the company that creates and develops the browser.

Fast And Smooth Web Browsing Experience

This browser is also known for its fast and smooth web browsing feature that loads each web page faster than the other browsers. This makes your browsing experience a seamless and enjoyable experience. As is the case with most web pages today that place intrusive ads and other web elements that can slow down the page loading time, you can handle all those problems using this browser, since it blocks unnecessary web elements to ensure a faster and smoother browsing experience. In this way, you can see each web page as they are intended to look, without any additional stuff that only clutters the page.

Various Third-Party Integrations

With the Slimjet web browser, you don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for plugins just to do some basic things like translation, Facebook posting, video downloading, and so on. There are various third-party integrations built-in to the browser. So, once you’ve installed this browser on your system, you can instantly use third-party plugins without installing them. In this way, if you want to download an online video on YouTube, you can do it in a single click, since the option is already available in the browser user interface.

Advanced Protection System For Maximum Security

Other than privacy, this browser also provides the advanced security protection for the users, which helps them to protect their browsing activities from various threats. So, you don’t need to worry when you need to do some secure banking or shopping activities with this browser, since your activities are securely protected by the browser. There is also a tracking blocker feature that helps to protect your browsing activities from being tracked by any third-party company. There are various layers of protection applied in this browser that ensures the best protection from malware, phishing sites, spyware, and other threats. The browser also provides the advanced privacy control options that help to configure your privacy settings.

Form Filler And Customizable Toolbar

With Slimjet, filling a form doesn’t need to be a daunting task to do, since you can automatically fill each form using this software. This software does a good job in helping you save the form information, and then automatically fill the same information on various websites. It is helpful for you in your online shopping and banking transactions, so that you don’t need to fill in the same information again and again. Moreover, it also has the customizable toolbar option that allows you to change the look and feel of your browser.

Additional Plugins And Themes

Despite the various integrations that this software offers to you, there are still various third-party plugins that are available for the browser. There are also various themes that you can choose to change the appearance of your browser. So, you don’t need to worry that you may not be able to find a suitable plugin for this browser. You just need to take a look at the plugin library and find the plugin that you need there. With various themes that are available, you can customize the appearance of your browser according to your preferences, and it is quite easy to switch between each browser theme.


Slimjet is more than just a regular web browser. It is the web browser that knows what the users need. It is jam-packed with features that are commonly used by the users, such as Facebook integration, video downloader, photo uploader, translation, download manager, and so on. Moreover, it is built with the best privacy and security options. The browser has advanced privacy and security protection that helps to protect your browsing activities from any dangerous threats out there. Also, the built-in ad blocker is something that many users need, since it helps to block intrusive ads without installing additional plugins, and make the web browsing experience faster and smoother.

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