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Provides a really fast browser with faster startup, faster file download, faster browsing, and faster upload speed. Has efficient automation features and integration with security tools.


Only available for Windows operating systems.


Offers a fast, efficient, and secure browser with various features to enhance your browsing experience. Third-party integrations help to improve the functionalities of the browser.

Detailed Review

SlimBrowser is a web browser software created and developed by FlashPeak Inc., a software company based in Austin, Texas. The company is focused on providing high quality software that helps the users to improve their productivity in their computing activity. The software solutions provided by this company include web browser, productivity tools, text processing software, and networking tools.

Fast, Efficient, And Secure Web Browser

SlimBrowser has a simple and lightweight installation, which ensures that it can work smoothly for your system. It is faster than the popular browsers out there, and it is also more efficient than many other browsers. Moreover, it has built-in security features that make this browser safe and secure for you to use. The browser offers faster browsing speed, faster download speed, and faster upload speed. It also offers integration with many security tools, such as virus scanners, password manager, and privacy protection. These features ensure that you can use the browser to quickly access any website, automate your actions, and keep your browsing activities secure and private.

Ad Blocker And Pop-up Blocker Integration

As someone who likes to browse the web on a daily basis, you might feel very frustrated when you see many ads and pop-ups on the websites that you visit. Not only they are distracting, they also make your browsing activity less entertaining and make the websites to load slower than it supposed to be. This browser has built-in ad blocker and pop-up blocker tools integrated without any additional installation, which can ensure that your browsing activities are free from distracting ads and pop-ups. You can browse any website without seeing any ads or pop-ups in the middle of your browsing activity, and ensure that you get the full experience in your browsing sessions.

Fast Download And Upload Speed

The good thing about SlimBrowser is that it has an ultra-fast download manager that allows you to download any files faster than any other browsers. With this download manager, you can even resume the broken download due to various reasons, such as connectivity problem or any other interruptions. Not only that, you can also upload files from your local computer faster as well. It is useful when you send emails that require you to add big attachments to your emails. It can help you to send the emails faster. The social media integration included in this browser can also help you to download and upload any photos and videos faster in various social media platforms.

Integration With Various Popular Web-based Services

While this browser might not be as popular as mainstream browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, it allows you to integrate the browser with various third-party services. With this browser, you can work with various services such as Gmail, Hotmail, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, in just a single click. Just click the service icon from the browser home page, and you can go to the service page directly. It helps you to work with these services faster and improve your productivity at the same time. You can also add more services to the browser homepage, so that you can access them more quickly later.

Complete Features In One Browser, Even Without Plugins

SlimBrowser is a browser that is jam-packed with various features that you can enjoy, even in the first installation. So, without adding any other plugins, there are already many features that you can use in the browser. The features included in the browser are Facebook integration, web page translation, photo upload and framing, site grouping, ad blocker, password manager, download manager, YouTube Downloader, weather forecast, and more. These are the major features that you can enjoy upon installing the browser for the first time. If you still need more features, you can always install new plugins for this browser to enhance its functionality.


SlimBrowser is a great alternative to popular browsers out there. If you are looking for a lightweight browser with various features to use, this is the right browser for you. While many mainstream browsers might have big installation files and drain your system resources more quickly, this simple web browser does the opposite. It offers you various features that ensure the best speed, security, privacy, and comfort in your web browsing activity, while keeping the system resource usage as low as possible. It works with almost all versions of Windows operating system, and it has a freeware license. With this browser, you can browse the internet with more speed and power.

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