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Allows you to completely remove or uninstall your installed software without leaving any traces left on your system. Has multiple software uninstallation feature for faster uninstall of multiple programs.


The portable version doesn’t have any trial version.


Provides a full uninstaller software that works to completely delete all leftovers of the installed programs effectively. Offers additional tools for more advanced features.

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Revo Uninstaller is an uninstaller software provided by VS Revo Group Ltd., a software company founded in 2007 and based in Ruse, Bulgaria. The company has been known as an innovative software developer that works to create various software for Windows and other operating systems. The company has experience in developing software with various programming languages, and it has been known in providing the best quality software with excellent customer support.

Remove Your Programs Completely From Your Computer

Revo Uninstaller is different from the regular uninstaller program embedded in Windows. What makes this software different is that it allows you to remove your programs completely from your computer. In other words, once you uninstall a program using this software, you no longer find any trace of the program on your system, including on the Program File folder, Windows registry, application cache, and other places. It means a complete and clean uninstall for every software on your computer, which helps to prevent any problems related to an incomplete uninstallation. When you remove the program via the regular Windows uninstaller, you might still be able to see the remnants of the software on your system, which may hinder your system performance in the future.

Prevent Any Installation Errors

If you don’t uninstall your programs completely, it is very common for you to get installation errors the next time you install other software. This is especially true if the program that you want to install has certain dependencies with the software that was incompletely uninstalled. When this happens, it might be very difficult for you to get your new software to work properly on your system. However, with this uninstaller tool, you can prevent any installation errors associated with any new software installation, since you can make sure that the previous software installation was removed completely from your system prior to installing the new software.

Delete Leftover Files From Your Previous Uninstallation

If you’ve been uninstalling countless programs from your computer prior to using Revo Uninstaller, you don’t need to worry about erasing the remnants of the software that you have uninstalled previously. This tool also works to search for the remnants or leftovers of the previous software uninstallation that you have done before. In this way, you can ensure that your computer is free from any useless and unnecessary files from your previous programs. If you left these leftover files intact, it might clutter your system and make it prone to lagging or freezing later. So, this software can help you to prevent the bigger problem from happening on your system.

Log The Changes Of Your System

Aside from providing the complete uninstall for your programs, this software also logs the changes made to your system before and after the uninstallation. Also, it has a safe uninstall feature which allows you to back up your installation before you perform the clean uninstallation of your programs. The software logs the changes on your system whenever you install any new software, as well as when you uninstall your software, so that you know what happens to your system when you perform such actions. In this way, you can monitor your system changes and see whether any install or uninstall affects your system in any way.

Additional Tools

Revo Uninstaller also offers various additional tools to help you keep the system performance at peak. The additional tools include junk files cleaner, Windows tools, autorun manager, browser cleaner, Windows cleaner, and more. These tools help you to clean various unnecessary files left by various applications on your system, and in so doing, keep your system running at the best performance. For instance, the junk file cleaner tool helps you to eliminate any junk files that can slow down your computer. The autorun manager tool helps you to manage the application that runs when you start your computer.


Revo Uninstaller is an advanced uninstaller tool that does many things that the regular Windows uninstaller doesn’t do. It makes it very easy for you to uninstall all your programs completely, without leaving any traces on your system. It also makes it easier for you to remove all traces of past uninstallation from your system. Additionally, there are various tools that help you to clean unnecessary files from your computers to keep your system performance at peak. All in all, if you want to make sure that you are uninstalling your programs properly, this is a must-have tool that you need to install on your system.

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