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Allows you to download any files from the internet with full speed, with the ability to resume broken downloads. Supports BitTorrent file downloads with the best speed.


No standalone browser extensions available for this software.


Offers a complete download manager and accelerator tool that allows you to improve download speed and manage all file downloads. Provides traffic usage adjustment to control your bandwidth usage.

Detailed Review

Free Download Manager is a free download manager and accelerator software that was initially developed as a proprietary software. The software is written in the C++ language, and it is available for both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. While the software installs various browser extensions upon the first installation, it doesn’t have any standalone browser extensions available for the users of other operating systems.

Download Acceleration With Resume Download Support

The good thing about Free Download Manager is that it is not only a download manager software, but it also has the capability to accelerate your download as well. In other words, when you use this software, your download speed can be improved significantly. When you compare it with other free download manager tools, or even with the native downloader on your browser, you can see it clearly that this software accelerates your download speed multiple times. Moreover, it offers the resume download support, which is a feature that allows you to continue any broken download, which might happen due to connection problems or other things. With this feature, you can ensure that all downloads can be completed and you get all the files that you need.

The Ability To Download Files With BitTorrent Protocol

Torrenting is one of the most common ways to download files with lightning fast speed, meaning that usually, when you download through a BitTorrent protocol, you can get your files way faster than through normal download. However, it can only happen when there are enough seeders for your files. This download manager software allows you to download files using the BitTorrent protocol without any additional plugin. It means that once you’ve found a torrent link, you can download the torrent files using this software immediately. And as usual, your download speed can be improved significantly with this software.

Support For Previewing Audio And Video Files Before Downloading

As there are thousands and thousands of files to download online, you might not be willing to end up downloading files that you don’t need. Downloading something that you don’t need may only waste your time and bandwidth, so it is necessary that you know exactly what you download. Free Download Manager offers a feature that allows you to preview audio or video files that you are about to download. In this way, you don’t need to worry about downloading something that you don’t need when using this software. You can preview the files that you are about to download before you start the download process.

Traffic Usage Adjustment

When using this software, you get the maximum speed of your download because this software prioritizes the download traffic over other internet activities. However, with this software, it is possible to adjust the traffic usage to control the bandwidth consumption in your computer. For instance, you can set the traffic usage to only use 50% of the bandwidth for the download process, while you can use the other 50% for different internet activities. In this way, your download speed can be maintained at a stable rate, without having to worry that the speed is going to slow down due to your internet activities.

Schedule Your Downloads With Smart File Management

Free Download Manager also comes with the download scheduler feature that can be used to control your download queues. As a download manager software, the scheduler feature is a necessary feature to ensure that you can get your download files according to your own arrangements. Coupled with a smart file management, you can manage your download even better, by organizing your download files according to their types and categories. This is the feature that can make downloading your files something that is easy to control and monitor.


There are many download manager and accelerator software out there, and some of them even have a hefty price tag to show you that these are premium software worth having. While those software may offer a good performance for your download, Free Download Manager is offering you the same premium quality for your downloading experience. With the modern UI and all the features that it offers, you might think that purchasing any premium download manager or accelerator software is no longer necessary. This is the kind of download manager software that you can rely for a long time, with a bunch of features that are on par with the other premium software on the market. So, it’s worth installing on your system to improve your download performance significantly.

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