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Provides a modern-looking and convenient email client that supports major email services. Not only good for viewing emails, it also offers tasks, contacts, chat, and calendar features to help schedule your day and create a better communication with your email recipients.


The free version only supports up to 2 email accounts.


Provides a complete email client that allows you to manage all of your email accounts in one dashboard, simplifying your email reading experience. Offers lots of features that help to read your email messages conveniently, such as Conversation View, Quick Text, Mail Translation, and Delayed Sending.

Detailed Review

eM Client is a full-featured email client software that is created and developed by eM Client Inc., a software company based in San Francisco, California. The focus of the company is to help individuals and businesses to manage their email accounts more easily by using one dashboard to manage all of their email accounts. The software provides a convenient way to read all messages in one place, as well as send messages from any email account preferred by the users.

Grouping Email Messages With Conversation View

eM Client offers the feature called conversation view to help you group email messages based on certain topics. In this way, you can organize similar messages and keep your mailbox clean from clutters. This helps you to view your email messages in a more organized way, instead of scattering all the messages all over the place. By grouping your email messages in the conversation view, you can also send follow-up email easily and keep the conversation going. It helps you to save more time in managing your emails, as well as helping you to find the messages that you are looking for quickly.

Quick Text And Mail Translation

This email client is also good to be used in the customer service department, which usually receives many messages with the same kind of question. In order to provide a quick and efficient support for your customers, you can send them similar replies that can help them solve their problems quickly. Best of all, you don’t need to write those similar replies one by one. With Quick Text, you can use text snippets for your messages and send them to multiple recipients without having to type the same text again and again. The Mail Translation feature is helpful for you to translate messages with foreign languages, as well as send your messages in the language of your recipients.

Delayed Sending To Schedule Your Email Messages

Sometimes, you don’t need to send your email messages right away. You can schedule your message so that you can send it exactly when you need it to be delivered. The eM Client software can help you to schedule your email messages by using the Delayed Sending feature. This feature gives full control for each email account that you have. This is also helpful when you communicate with people in different time zones, so that you can schedule the message to be sent when they are at the office.

Calendar, Chat, And Tasks

This email client not only provides you with a robust email management system, but it also provides you with additional features such as calendar, chat, and tasks. These features help you to manage your schedule more effectively, as well as allowing you to communicate with other people more conveniently. The Calendar feature helps you to create schedules for each day, as well as give you the information about your national holidays. The Chat feature allows you to chat with other people in real time without having to switch to another IM or chat software. The tasks feature helps you to create a to do list to track the tasks that you need to do each day.

Modern User Interface With Dark Theme

Best of all, eM Client offers a modern user interface that gives you comfort and convenience in managing your email accounts in one place. The interface is also user friendly, which means that it is easy to be used by anyone, whether they know about how to use an email client software before or not. Additionally the modern user interface of this software has been optimized for high resolution displays, with the improvements being added for touch screen devices. The Dark Theme feature helps you to work with this email client at night.


Managing a lot of email accounts at the same time can take a lot of your time, and that’s why it is important for you to use a good email client that can help you to manage all of your email accounts in one dashboard. The eM client software is the right software for you if you want the simplicity of managing multiple email accounts at the same time. With the modern user interface, as well as a lot of features that make managing your emails simpler, you can use this software for both your personal email accounts and business email accounts. The Calendar, Tasks, and Chat features are a good addition to keep your conversion flowing with your recipients, as well as track your daily schedules and tasks.

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