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Allows you to download any files faster than the native browser downloader tool. Provides the automatic file integrity checker and automatic malware scanning features.


The main software is only available for Windows. The browser extension version is only available in Chrome.


Provides an easy-to-use tool to manage your file downloads and boost the download speed significantly. Supports all popular browsers for automatic download.

Detailed Review

EagleGet is a download accelerator software created and developed by EagleGet, a software company based in Beijing, China. The focus of the software is to provide a free download manager and accelerator solution for the users who want to improve their internet download speed without having to pay for the expensive software license to do that. This software is capable of accelerating the download speed of all files that the users are downloading from the internet, with various additional features.

Increase The Download Speed Significantly

EagleGet is a download accelerator software that does the job very well in terms of download speed. When compared to the native browser downloader or other similar downloader tools, this software can give you the full download speed for the files that you download online, whether it is video files, audio files, or any other files. When you download the files from the internet using this tool, the download speed can be increased up to 6 times the regular speed. This is because this software downloads your files in multiple parts at the same time with the advanced multi-threading technology.

Automatic Malware And File Integrity Checker

When you download any files from the internet, there is always a chance that your files are corrupted or damaged by viruses or malware. This is why you have to download any files from the internet carefully, so that you don’t download the files that are infected with malware or viruses. Fortunately, this software offers an automatic malware detection in the file download process, ensuring that the download process is safe and secure for your system. Any downloaded files are checked for malware to ensure that it is free from any threats. Also, since the software uses the advanced multi-threading technology, it is important to keep the file integrity in check. This software has a good file integrity checker, ensuring that you are downloading your files in its complete form.

Schedule And Manage Your Downloads

The good feature of EagleGet is that it allows you to schedule and manage your downloads according to your preferences. Aside from being a good download accelerator software, it is a good download manager software that helps you to manage all of your downloads in one place. There are various options that you can choose in this software, including speed limit, sort your download, queue your downloads, and remove downloaded files. You can download multiple files at the same time, and schedule which files that you want to download first. With this software, your download activity is more organized than before.

Refresh Expired Download Address

Sometimes, when you download certain files, the download connection might get cut off for certain reasons. One of the most common reasons is the expired download address. When your download address is expired, such as when you pause your download for a long time, and then trying to resume your download after that, your download activity is automatically stopped by the software. At this time, the software can refresh the expired download address automatically, and resume the download process again. The native browser downloader usually cannot do this, but this software can do it to prevent any failed download whenever possible.

Support For Various Popular Browsers

When you install EagleGet on your system, it is automatically integrated with all the browsers that are installed on your system. It means that when you are about to download certain files from your browser, it automatically opens the software and download the files from this download accelerator software instead of the native browser downloader. The good thing about this feature is that this software supports various popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It makes it easier for you to use this software with your browser, without any additional setup necessary.


It’s quite difficult to find a free download manager and accelerator software that can do the job as well as a good commercial software. However, EagleGet proves that there is still a good download accelerator software that is on par with a good commercial download manager software that you can use completely for free. This is the kind of software that can give all your file downloading needs. It helps you to download any files from the internet faster, smoother, and simpler, with various additional features such as security protection, download scheduler, silent mode, and so on. It is a recommended download accelerator software that you can use regularly if you want to increase your download speed significantly.

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