Where To Search For Daily News

Having found Pandia's resource section for news searching, you have already come a long way towards accessing high quality news articles on the Web. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for here, there are other options.

Top News Sites

There are several decent news search engines on the Web, and some of them are listed below. A news search regularly includes visits to some of the major newspapers on the Net, as well as various news aggregators -- i.e. sites that fetch news headlines and summaries from other sites (see for instance Google News and Topix).

News Search & Social

  • Google News: Allows you to find the latest news based on countries, and provides you with daily top stories from various leading publications. You can personalize your experience by picking only the topics that interest you.
  • Bing News: Allows you to search news about anything, and it displays the results from popular publications, based on the publication date. You can also subscribe to your favorite news by RSS.
  • Yahoo Search: Yahoo News delivers news about any topic from high quality sources. You can personalize your experience by filtering the news by source and by time, and you can sort the news based on relevance and publication date.
  • NewsLookup: Provides news from various places in the world, and it delivers the latest headlines from top news publications. You can browse news based on topic, location, people, politics, and more.  
  • Reddit: This is a social news platform to share content and create discussion based on each content. You can view, share, or discuss content in various topics, such as sports, gaming, gadgets, world news, videos, and more.

US & Global

  • CNN: CNN provides breaking news from the US and the world, spanning across various topics, including world, sport, technology, entertainment, and more. CNN delivers the latest news as it happens, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Huffington Post: Part of AOL, Huffington Post provides breaking news and opinions on various topics, including politics, business, entertainment, tech, and more. It features links to various reputable news sources, blogs, and columnists. The Huffpost Live allows you to watch live news.
  • The New York Times: Delivers daily news from the US and the world, as well as opinions on various topics. It covers news about US, world, politics, New York, technology, science, health, and more.
  • Fox News: Provides fair and balanced news on various things, including politics, US, entertainment, tech, science, health, and more. It also delivers on-air news, which you can watch on the Live TV section of the website.
  • NBC News Digital: Delivers compelling and visually-engaging news in various topics, including politics, health, tech, US, world, and more. It also provides on-going news that you can watch live.
  • The Washington Post: Delivers news on various topics, such as Local, US, World, Sports, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. It also provides comics and games, which you can play online.
  • USA Today: USA Today is a complete news source that provides information about US, world, sports, life, money, tech, and others. With the unique storytelling style, USA Today brings news stories that are engaging to read.
  • Time: Time is an online publication of Time Magazine, which covers various topics such as US, politics, world, business, tech, and more. The Time Vault is a feature that allows you to browse information by the year or subject.

Business News

  • Yahoo Finance: Yahoo Finance provides business news and market data that are updated regularly. It delivers business news from various news sources, such as USA Today, Bloomberg, Associated Press, and so on.
  • Bloomberg Business: Bloomberg Business provides market data and top business news from various parts of the world. It also helps to give business insights, which keeps you informed about personal finance, small business, and business schools.
  • Forbes: Famous for its 500 list, Forbes is the leading source of business news, tips, and information. The Top Stories section features the latest business news around the world. It also features lists of richest persons by state.
  • The Wall Street Journal: WSJ provides news about various topics around the world, such as politics, economy, business, tech, markets, and more. It also provides opinions on various topics.
  • Financial Times: FT provides business news from the UK and the world, around various different topics, such as global economy, companies, markets, management, personal finance, and more. It is internationally recognized for its accuracy, integrity, and reputation.
  • CNBC: This is the leading business news provider that provides the latest information on various business topics, including market data, investment, tech, small biz, and more. It provides the latest market data from around the world.
  • Business Insider: Business Insider provides the latest business news that is localized based on your location. It delivers news on various topics, such as tech, finance, entertainment, politics, strategy, and lifestyle.
  • MarketWatch: MarketWatch provides the latest information about business and stock markets, as well as personal finance. It also gives real-time comments regarding current news events that affect the global market in general.

Tech News

  • TechCrunch: Provides the latest and most popular news in the tech world. It delivers technology news in various categories, such as startup, mobile, gadgets, enterprise, and more. The Crunch Report provides daily news show about technology.
  • The Next Web: Provides technology news in various topics, such as apps, gear, tech, creative, money, world, insights, and more. The website is updated regularly with the latest news in technology.
  • Wired: Wired delivers news about business, design, entertainment, gear, science, and security. Wired also publishes magazine in print and tablet versions, which you can subscribe through the website. It also publishes regular videos on YouTube.
  • Mashable: Mashable provides technology-related news on various topics, such as social media, tech, business, entertainment, world, and more. With more than 42 million unique visitors, Mashable is one of the trusted and leading technology news sources in the world.
  • The Verge: Provides technology news in various topics, including science, entertainment, cars, design, global news, and more. Each news posted on the website has a quality score called Verge Score.
  • Ars Technica: Ars Technica allows you to browse technology news that is targeted to technology enthusiasts and IT professionals. It gives you the option to personalize your news stories based on your preferences.
  • Tech Meme: Delivers the technology news that is matched to the current state of evolving technology. It delivers comprehensive news stories from the leading technology news sources. It also features sponsor posts from leading tech companies.
  • YCombinator: Also called Hacker News, provides list of technology information from various sources, and it allows users to comment and discuss on each news story. Each news story carries points which determine their quality.
  • CNET: Part of CBS interactive, CNET offers technology news in various categories, including phones, laptops, TVs, tablets, and more. It also offers comprehensive reviews of technology products, along with the top 100 CNET lists of best products.

UK News

  • BBC: This is the leading television news network in the United Kingdom, which provides news information from the UK and the world, as well as topics such as sport, weather, earth, future, and more. The information is updated daily.
  • Daily Mail: Daily news publication that covers topics such as UK news, world news, TV and showbiz, sport, Australia news, health, and more. It is operated by Associated Newspaper Ltd, an international multi-channel media company.
  • The Guardian: The Guardian offers news related to United Kingdom and the world, and it covers many topics, including culture, business, sport, tech, fashion, and more. Aside from UK edition, The Guardian also has Australia, US, and International editions.
  • The Telegraph: The Telegraph offers a trusted news source regarding world, finance, culture, sport, and more. It features the hot topics that are being searched most often on the website. It is operated by Telegraph Media Group Limited.
  • Reuters: This UK online publication that provides news about the UK and the world, as well as various topics, such as business, markets, tech, and money. It also features opinions about current events and various other topics.

Canadian News

  • CBC: Provides local Canadian news, as well as news on various topics, including sports, music, kids, and more. It also provides information related to CBC Radio and CBC-TV, allowing you to listen or watch the CBC broadcast live.
  • The Globe and Mail: The Globe and Mail is an online Canadian publication that provides news and opinions on topics such as business, investing, sports, life, and more. It is an online version of The Globe and Mail newspaper.
  • The Star: This is an online publication of the Toronto Star Newspaper, the largest daily newspaper in Canada. It provides news on various topics, including sports, business, entertainment, current events, as well as world and local news.
  • LaPresse: This is an online Canadian publication delivered in French language. It provides news related to sports, politics, national news, local news, international news, auto, and more. LaPresse covers Canadian French-language publication in Montreal area.

Australia News

  • News.com.au: News.com.au covers news from Australia and the world, as well as topics such as lifestyle, travel, entertainment, technology, and sports. It is one of the top news websites in Australia.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald: The Sydney Morning Herald is an Australian online news publication that provides local headline news, breaking news, and world news on various topics, including business, politics, world events, tech, entertainment, and more.
  • Nine MSN: Nine MSN provides daily news about sport, TV, entertainment, and lifestyle. This online publication is provided by Microsoft MSN, and it is based in Australia. It features Sydney TV Guide, along with paid TV and movies.
  • ABC: ABC or Australia Broadcasting Corporation is an online news publication provided by the ABC TV network, which is a television channel based in Australia. It covers various topics, including local news, sports, science, health, and more.
  • The Age: The Age is an Australian independent news source that covers various topics, including current events, sports, politics, tech, entertainment, and more. It is a multi-platform media targeted to Australia and New Zealand audience.

India News

  • NDTV: This is an online news publication that provides news on various topics, such as business, food, tech, and more. The service is provided by New Delhi Television, one of the most popular television channels in India.
  • India Today: Provides news information related to India, world, movies, auto, sports, lifestyle, and so on. It is part of India Today Group, the leading publication in India, which publishes print magazines on various topics.
  • Hindustan Times: Hindustan Times provides news related to India and the world on various topics, such as sport, entertainment, lifestyle, tech, and more. It also provides opinions about current events as well as many other news stories.
  • The Economic Times: The Economic Times is a part of the India Times, which provides business news on various topics, such as markets, industry, small biz, politics, wealth, and more. It also provides market stats within the India region.

China News

  • People.cn: People.cn provides news and opinions about various topics, including business, military, world, society, culture, travel, and more. It is a Chinese publication, which is an online version of PeopleĆ­s Daily, one of the leading newspapers in China.
  • Xinhua: Xinhua Net provides China and global news on various topics, such as business, culture, education, science, technology, and more. It also provides free information for people who want to live in China.
  • China.com: China.com provides news and information for the people who want to travel or live in China. It provides audio and video news about China, as well as travel news, photos, lifestyle news, and resources to learn Chinese.
  • CNTV: CNTV is an online publication of China Central Television (CCTV), which is the largest national news television in China. CNTV provides latest news about China and the world, spanning on topics such as politics, military, space, and more.
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