Search engines and search tools for kids and teenagers

Pandia Kids and Teens is our all-in-one list of search engines and directories for children and teenagers. You can search the Web using our search form. Be sure to check out the categories below too!

Search Engines

Search engine spiders are automatic programs that jump from one link to the other gathering all the content on the Web pages they find. So when using a search engine you actually search the text ound on all the pages the spider has gathered.


Most of the search engines made for kids and teens are not really search engines, but search directories. Kids search directories are collections of Web sites made specially for children and teenagers. These sites are gathered by human beings like you and me. They look at the sites and consider whether they are useful and fun enough for young people.

Resource Collections

Even with the help of search engines and directories, it can be difficult to find exactly what you need on the web. To help kids and teens to find their way online, parents, teachers and librarians have collected links to web content especially for you.

If you are looking for normal search engines of the grown up type, you should go to our Powersearch all in one search page.

Kids Search Engines

  • Quintura for Kids: Quintura for Kids provides a search engine service that is targeted to kids, with results that are only appropriate for kids. It is a service provided by Quintura Inc., with search results based on Yahoo Kids.
  • KidsClick: KidsClick is a search engine for kids provided by Kent State University, which helps kids freely explore the internet. The search engine helps kids to find good websites to read, learn, and explore.

Reference Websites

  • provides various interesting knowledge and information for kids to learn. It is the online publication of the Highlight Kids magazine, where kids can find various things to make, read, play, and learn.
  • Fact Monster: Fact Monster is a part of Family Education Network that allows kids to find information related to various topics, such as people, world, sports, science, math, money, and more. It also offers dictionary, atlas, and encyclopedia.
  • Britannica Kids: Britannica Kids is an online resource for kids provided by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., which allows kids to find daily updates about the things around them. Kids can also discover interesting activities to increase their learning experience.
  • National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids provides rich information about many things, delivered in the language that kids can understand easily. You can search specific information about anything, or you can browse interesting information on the home page.
  • Funology: Funology is a useful resource for parents to have fun with their kids, while enhancing their learning process. It offers various fun activities to do in various categories, such as crafts, recipes, science, magic, games, jokes, and trivia.
  • ipl2 For Kids: ipl2 For Kids provides useful resources for parents and teachers to teach their kids about anything, such as health, art, music, fun stuff, and more. The service is provided by the Internet Public Library.
  • ICDL: ICDL stands for International Children's Digital Library, which is an online resource that provides digital library for children. It features children's books in various categories, which your children can read online.
  • provides various science experiments for kids, which helps them to learn more about science in a fun way. On this website, you can explore many science experiments, as well as learn more about science in general.
  • helps little kids to learn various things, such as reading, counting, music, and more. It is targeted mostly for kids in first and second grade. The learning process is made to be fun, with many pictures.

Games for Kids

  • Cool Math Games: Cool Math Games help you learn math in a fun way, by playing various games. These games are designed to polish your skills and make you more proficient in algebra, numbers, logic, calculus, and more.
  • PBS Kids: PBS Kids offers games and videos targeted for kids to enhance their learning experience in various topics. The information provided in this website is designed to help kids to build their imagination, critical thinking, and curiosity.
  • Nick Jr.: Nick Jr. provides games and activities for kids, in the form of online games, printable, crafts, and mobile apps. It also provides useful how-to videos to help kids learn about many things.
  • provides a complete educational resource for parents, kids, teachers, and librarians to give a fun way of learning for kids until grade 8. It offers educational games, books, and comics, all provided for free.
  • BrainPOP: BrainPOP provides educational resources for students, with animated content to help them improve their school achievements. It provides content in various categories, such as science, social studies, health, nanotechnology, and more.

Easy ways to better web searching

It is better to enter two or three words than just one. If you want to find stuff about African elephants in Zoos, it's better to enter the words african elephants zoo than elephants only.

If you want to make sure that the word you are looking for really is on the Web pages the search engine find for you, put a + sign in front of the word, like this: +elephant There should be no space between the + and the word.

If you want to take make sure that you do not get pages about Indian elephants, you may ask the search engine to remove pages that have the word indian on them. You can do this by adding a - (minus sign) in front of the word, like this: -indian. This is risky, though, you will for instance loose all pages that has stuff about African elephants in Indian zoos!

If you are searching for a person or a term with many words, you may put double quotation marks in front of and after the words, like this: "Britney Spears". In this way you won't get all the pages on the Web that has the word spears on them, or pages about Britney Smith (whoever that is).

Tips for teens

If you are a teenager, you may want to read our short and easy Goalgetter Search Engine Tutorial.

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