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Feature rich framework, SEO optimized, drag and drop customization, social media friendly, mobile responsive, active community support.


CSS knowledge necessary for high-end customization, basic plans come with only a single licensed domain. It is just a framework and you still need to customize it.


Thesis offers a flexible and user-friendly framework to create unique, tasteful WordPress blogs and websites.

Detailed Review

Thesis Skins provides users with a high degree of customization without the need to input any custom code. The site also provides a free Classic Responsive Skin for beginners.

Thesis Boxes can help you to incorporate social media buttons in your webpages, and the site's built-in SEO features ensure that your customers are always able to find you.  With an active support community and over 57,000 users at the time of writing this review, the Thesis framework helps create websites based on a user's own exclusive requirements.

Thesis Skins

Traditional WordPress themes come with templates that are usually not changeable and require an in-depth knowledge of coding to customize. Thesis Skins comes with user-friendly built-in tools such as a color scheme picker and a visual template editor that allow users to choose their own color schemes and have full control over all of their page templates. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer to customize the look and feel of their website, rather than make do with fixed templates and layouts. In addition, Thesis Skins allow you to tweak your website's typography, including line spacing, font height and line height, to ensure improved readability of your content. This ensures that your written matter is not only easily readable, but also appears proportionate to the rest of the page and its contents.   

Thesis Boxes

Thesis Boxes are a great way to manage your Skins and add content to them. Each Thesis Box has a specific form and functionality. The site provides a number of free Thesis Boxes, such as Tweet buttons, Facebook Like buttons and LinkedIn share buttons, among others, that you can use depending on your requirement. The visual template editor allows you to configure the Boxes and simply drag and drop them wherever you want them to appear. Besides the Boxes that are provided by Thesis, you can also easily create customized Thesis Boxes. This helps extend the functionality of your website.

SEO Ready and Mobile Responsive

Regardless of whether you run a blog that offers tips on exam preparation, or a website that features retail products and services, you would most certainly want your webpage to appear at the top of search engine results. Thesis powered websites and blogs have integrated SEO capabilities. The site allows you to add schema traits and markup to your website, and also helps implement Google Authorship. Both these features make your site easier to find and help increase web traffic. Moreover, no matter what device your visitors like to access your website on, your web pages will be responsive and quick to load.

Plan Options

Thesis offers its users three plans to choose from. The Basic and Basic Plus plans provide one licensed domain along with 12 months of product updates and support. The Basic Plus plan also offers two additional Skins and Email Boxes (MailChimp & AWeber). The Professional plan provides unlimited domains and lifetime updates and support, as well as additional Social Media Sharing Boxes and a Thesis Developer Tools Box.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided through email and members-only forum support. The site also provides detailed documentation and FAQ guides with solutions to the most commonly faced problems. Though most of the questions and issues encountered by users have been addressed via previous responses, the Thesis Community maintains an active forum that addresses users' needs quickly and in real time.  


Thesis' inclusion of a color scheme picker and visual template editor means that users can customize every page of their blog or website. Some knowledge of CSS implementation may be necessary for high-end customization. However, if you're looking for a WordPress theme framework that allows you to fully configure your website's design and appearance, and at the same time ensure that your website ranks high in searches particularly on mobile devices, then Thesis is the way to go. 

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