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Export in multiple formats, custom work insertion, support for diverse content management systems (Joomla, WordPress), quick creation of themes, Mac version, browser compatibility, free trial available


Lacks ecommerce features, No built in help feature, may not show each module available for either Joomla or Drupal.


A fully automated Web design tool for creating professional and unique site templates and blog themes as well as mastering Web design skills through XHTML and CSS coding, especially for beginners who wish to be professional Web designers

Detailed Review

Artisteer 4 is a website development software which enables people not having knowledge of HTML or CSS to design a professional website with ease. The software aims to offer easy website designing solution. You need to download the software and install it on your computer to use it. The key features of the software are discussed in detail below.

User Interface

Artisteer has an interactive and user friendly user interface which is easy to use. Selecting themes, applying effects, exporting and everything else can be done via simple mouse clicks. The software uses Microsoft's Ribbon interface and the workflow is based around it.


The software has a wide variety if templates for all kinds of business. There is a feature called "suggest design" which recommends you the finest and most popular templates with a single click. If you do not like the template click on "suggest design" again and the software will suggest you another popular template. The wide range of templates makes sure that you do not have to buy templates again.

There are different categories of websites defined by the software and if you select a particular category, the "suggest design" option will show templates related to that particular category. You can also start with a blank template and design one yourself.


Artsiteer 4 has over one thousand options for customization. It means that you can create the perfect website for your business as you would be able to customize even the fine details. The software has a wide variety of colors and fonts suitable for different tastes. You can select the layout of your website from a number of layout options. The software automatically fix image aliasing issues and create validated CSS/HTML Code.

True WYSIWYG Output

The software has true WYSIWYG output which means that the website will be displayed with exactly the same appearance as it has in the workspace. All the effects will be displayed as you design them.

Vertical Menu

You can make your pages more lively by the built-in option of the software. Each post can be made active using this option.

Panel Mode for Options

You can design the content of your website using a simple panel mode. The header can be assigned a series of options. You can change mask, background, glare, flash, texture position, gradient, image or texture options of the header.

Adding Pages and Content

Pages can be added to your website with a simple click. The content can be added to the web pages just like you write content in a word processing software. The font setting of the content can be changed by simply selecting the text and making the required changes using the edit menu options.

Easy Export

You can export your design to all the popular website hosting platforms. This option works with all the popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal and others. You have the option to export the design with its entire content.

Mobile Optimization

The software allows to create and optimizes your website for devices with smaller screen size like tablets and smart phones. The navigation in the mobile devices is easy and comfortable and your audience can access the entire website very easily.

Header Designer

The header of the website can be designed with a number of effects. You can add images, add effects to the title, change it font and color and much more. You can add images with Flickr to make your website more attractive. There are many images available and categorized according to business use which makes it easier to find the perfect image.

Free Hosting

Artisteer is a well designed software to create websites and customize them in an easy way. It is defiantly worth buying for novices learning to design web. The software allows you 10MB of free hosting which is integrated with

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Official Website $49.95

Website Design Software

  • Drag & Drop

  • Rollover Creation

  • Spell Checker

  • Social Media

  • Mobile Optimized

  • SEO

  • Todo Report

  • CSS3 & HTML5

  • Backup & Restore

  • Sitemap Creator

  • Form Creator

  • Templates


  • Flash Support

  • Password Page

  • Support Options


  • OS


  • Free Hosting

  • Server Upload

User Reviews

Unfortunate Customer Service

Artisteer By Joshua on August 14th

So I have had the software now for 2.5 weeks. I have played around with it a little but before I really got into the nuts and bolts of the software I wanted to check how well it worked in the cloud that I bought it for. Weebly. It says it supports integration into Weebly. Well.... so far it does not do a very good job. When I bring the zip template over to Weebly, the only things that come over are the background image and the footer. None of the filler content, header, or navigation elements. On top of all of that I have contacted them 2 days after the software was purchased, and the only response i got was to upload the zip file. So I did within hours of receiving that. That was a week ago. I still have yet to receive any update. Also I have tried to contact them through phone with no luck.

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