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Website design software are for those who don't want to deal with HTML/CSS coding and at the same time also want to easily build, edit or maintain their website without paying heavy monthly subscription fees. Here is a comparison of some powerful web design software anyone can use without background of any programming language.

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Xara Web Designer 365

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Pricing From: US$ 49.99

Xara Web Designer 365 is an easy web design software developed by Xara Group Limited, a company founded in mid 1990s and based in England and Wales, which then acquired by MAGIX in 2007. MAGIX is a software development company that has worked on..



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Pricing From: US$ 49.95

Artisteer 4 is a website development software which enables people not having knowledge of HTML or CSS to design a professional website with ease. The software aims to offer easy website designing solution. You need to download the software..

Corel Website Creator

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Pricing From: US$ 179.00

Corel Website Creator is a website designing software using which you can create professional websites and manage its content without getting into, Photoshop, PHP, HTML or CSS coding. This is a desktop app by leading software company..

Avanquest Webeasy

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Pricing From: US$ 37.46

Avanquest WebEasy 10 is a handy software to design and publish websites without requiring HTML or CSS language knowledge as the software generates the codes itself. You can download and install the software to start using it. The key features..

Serif Webplus

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Pricing From: US$ 119.99

Creating a website is one of the most important aspects of a business. A professional looking website can give a boost to your business. If you are able to impress your potential clients with your website you are more likely to close deals..


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Pricing From: US$ 197

Every business needs a website which not only attracts traffic but is also able to convert incoming traffic into clients by presenting ideas in an organized and professional manner. XSitePro is a website design software package using which you..

Web Design Software Buying Guide

Until a few years ago, it was inevitable for the Web designers to deal with lots of coding as well as know how to implement the different technologies for making a highly effective site. This used to put off the beginners who had no knowledge of coding or using the technology.

However, this is no longer the scenario, due to the introduction of several Web design software programs that have made it easier even for the beginners or newbies having no coding knowledge to develop an attractive site or blog. Learning to build a Web site is becoming easier as new design tools get more insightful for beginners. Simultaneously, significant enhancements allow creating amazing effects to attract visitors towards your sites.

Most Web design products allow creating sites, irrespective of the purpose or scope. Designing a personal blog or an ecommerce site with professional looks is well within the scope of most software programs.

Although several designing software products are available, the best one works for and with you, not opposite to you. If you are looking for such a product, consider evaluating the promising ones on the following criteria to choose the most suitable one for your business.

Multiple Site Support

Are you planning to create multiple blogs and sites? Is it so that you need to improve the current sites or blogs? If your reply is positive to any of the queries, consider getting a Web design program that allows designing and maintaining unlimited sites and blogs.

It is vital to note that some programs might not be suitable for creating blogs, monetizing them, or creating a shopping portal. Therefore, it is worth checking for these capabilities in the software program you choose, in case you need them.

Number and Types of Templates

All Web design programs come with templates that are built-in. However, the number of templates tends to vary from one program to another. It is wise to choose the one offering maximum number of templates, many of which might be accessible online. For a responsive site, ensure that you have mobile-friendly templates.

When selecting right software, you may also want to check what is your goal. For example if you're looking to design a landing page and a software don't have any such template then you might end up paying for something you didn't want.

Design Features

Whether you are a beginner or experienced; the capability of drag and drop anywhere is essential to enjoy quick and smart designing. A smart program should also allow you to add content, visual aids, multimedia, menus, and transition effects without taking much time or instilling hassle. It is also good to have scripting support, sitemap assistant, rollover creation, password protection, and a comprehensive ecommerce wizard.

Latest and Integration Features

This criterion ensures that you can include the latest functionality and features on your site or blog. For example, look for a program that allows including social media sharing icons, search and replace functionality, and Google Map. A few advanced programs are capable of even integrating with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to use plugins and themes. Do also check for spell check and backup utilities, which are nice to have!

Multimedia Capabilities

Many web designing tools are capable of offering built-in images and support for Flash animations, videos, audios, and animations. A few tools are such that they support HTML5/CSS3 multimedia capabilities with a built-in video player for creating a responsive site or blog. These capabilities are a must to look, especially if your site is an ecommerce one or a tutorial/learning one.

If you need a video embeded on your website, you may also need to see if such a feature is included in your software or not.

Supported Platforms

If you are working on MAC, you need to ensure that the chosen software will also work on that system. Currently, several tools work on Windows platform.

Help and Support

This is very essential for enjoying a smooth learning curve. A genuinely customer-oriented developer of the chosen tool will offer different ways to render technical help, such as through e-mail, live chat, video tutorials, and FAQs.

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