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With the increasing need to conduct webinar and online presentation comes the need to find the platform that is best suited for your business. There are various webinar services available online. They provide the various features for their service, and offer competitive pricing for their service. Which one should you use for your business? It all depends on your business needs, the purpose of your webinar, the number of your webinar participants, and of course, your budget. Here is a list of some leading providers with their price and other details.

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Pricing From: US$ 30/mo

ClickWebinar is a webinar software created by ClickMeeting, a web conferencing and technology company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Gdansk, Poland. The company has many offices around the world, with the head office located in Poland...



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Pricing From: US$ 79/mo

GoToWebinar is a webinar service provided by Citrix Systems, Inc. since the year 1997. Citrix Systems, Inc. is a technology and software company that focuses on giving benefits to people and making it easier for businesses to do their work...

Webinar Services Buying Tips

Webinar also known as web seminar is a way to communicate for various purpose including online training, seminar or one way meetings with limited communication.

The need to regularly schedule, manage, and perform successful webinar is becoming even more important in this day and age, when companies and businesses are using the power of the internet to help spread out the word about their products and services. For companies, webinars are not only useful for marketing purposes, but it is also useful to provide insider information for staff, create important business presentations for clients, provide tips and information regarding their products, and so on.

Various Options

There are various aspects of a good webinar service or platform that you can take a look at. Before choosing any webinar service, you should take a look at these aspects in order to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Here are the aspects that you need to consider when looking for a good service.

The Maximum Number of Attendees

Some platforms provide plans that are differentiated based on the number of attendees that can participate in your webinar. Sure, they might allow you to create unlimited number of sessions, but if the number of participants is being limited, it might not be a good deal for your business. Some other services provide a fixed price that allows you to create unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees. Depending on the number of participants, you need to pick the service that suits your needs best.

Pricing Scheme

Some services charge the price for their service per host, which means that for each host that you employ for your webinar, you will pay a certain amount of monthly or yearly fee. Meanwhile, some other services may allow you to have unlimited hosts with a fixed pricing plan. Though the price might be a little more expensive than the services that charge per host, it might be worth considering if you have multiple hosts for your webinars.

Re-branding Features

If you want to retain the professionalism of your business, company, or brand within each webinar, you need to pick the service that allows you to make a full customization for your webinars. This includes re-branding features that allow you to put your company logo, banner, and graphics within the presentation and registration page. Many platforms don't provide this feature, so if you want to keep your own company brand with your webinars, you should pick the one that allows full customization for your webinars.

Complete Tracking Analysis

You need to track the performance of each session in order to measure your success with it. You can use the tracking report to improve webinar presentation. Choose a service that allows you to get the full and complete tracking analysis for your webinars, including the information about each attendee, show up rate, feedback, and so on. The more complete the report provides, the better it is for you.

Essential Webinar Features

Let's not forget about essential features that you need for your webinar presentation. A good webinar service provides complete features that you can use to improve your presentation quality. However, the most important features to look at are screen sharing, live conversation, and instant polls or surveys. If you intend to use the platform for promotional purposes, you should pick the service that allows you to charge people for joining your webinar session, as well as allow you to sell or promote your product within the live session.


It is important to remember that you cannot just pick any service that you find online. You need to also consider those aspects that define a good webinar service, as well as think about your business needs, whether you need to use the service for promotional purposes, company meetings, or employee training. Each service caters for different purposes, and you should pick the one that you can fully utilize for your business.