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Many businesses may need web conferencing services for various purposes. Some of these includes collaboration of team located at different places, provide online training, making presentation to multiple users and list goes on. With all the member are commonly connected via internet, web conferencing services can definitely save travel costs, time and help increasing productivity.

Below is a list of some leading online conferencing services along with detailed price and feature comparison.

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Pricing From: US$ 30.00/mo

ClickMeeting is run by the same owners who manage the largely popular email marketing solution, GetResponse. Until recently, the company operated under the name of Implix but has recently re-branded themselves under the GetReponse name due to the..



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Pricing From: US$ 0.00/mo

If you are looking for a web conferencing service backed by a solid and reliable foundation, GoToMeeting would be a great option to work with. The company is operated by Citrix which is one of the leading multinational organizations operating..


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Pricing From: US$ 12.95/mo

GoMeetNow is a service by RHUB Communications, which is a communication company specializing in web based communication services. It was founded in 2005 and steadily grown over the years with a number of related services such as GoSupportNow..


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Pricing From: US$ 49.00/mo

ReadyTalk has been around for well over 10 years. The company was founded in 2001 under the guidance of Dan King, a veteran in the telecommunications industry. ReadyTalk has quite a sizeable time and is constantly looking to improve its..

Cisco WebEx

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Pricing From: US$ 24.00/mo

WebEx is a service by Cisco, one of the world’s largest corporations specializing in networking and IT security equipment. With Cisco’s solid backing, you can be assured that the service will be top notch with maximum security deployed for..


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Pricing From: US$ 13.00/mo

Mikogo was created back in 2003 when founder Mark Zondler and Erik Boos were frustrated with having to spend a large amount of money and physically travel to different geographic regions for the purpose of business.  The service has..

Web Conferencing Buying Guide

Web conferencing is certainly a popular medium for conducting meetings with remote participants such as freelancers or multi-office business staff. Gone are the days when video or Web conferencing was believed to be slow and complicated.

With the increasing reliability and ease of use of Internet communications through new methods such as VoIP and cloud, web conferencing has evolved from a difficult task to a real-time medium of meeting. In fact, these days even the home users can take advantage of this cheaper and easy communication technology.  

Several households, apart from business executives, use Web conferencing for sharing photos or chatting with distant relatives. Interestingly, most services, whether for businesses or households, are available without breaking the bank.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to look for a suitable Web conferencing solution although it can be a bit tough task if it is unknown which features to look for. Here are the top essential features to check out for choosing the right Web conferencing software.

Hosted or Deployed Solution

A hosted solution is the easiest to use, making itself suitable for both home and business users. Herein, a monthly fee gets you a virtual conference room with desired number of 'seats' as well as features such as sharing screen, swapping files, control of other participants’ computers, and chatting, as per what you pay. Such a solution run on a browser but may require you to download an application.

On the other hand, a deployed solution involves buying a set of software and hardware to be deployed on your own system, which suits large enterprises. This one has a high upfront cost but without any extra monthly fees. The deployed solutions are accessible through a browser but you are the one to host the service.


You will come across several services that work with Windows systems, Linux, Mac, and mobile operating systems. However, do look for in-depth reviews because most of them are not fully compatible with Mac and Linux although they claim cross-platform compatibility. For example, Mac users can view conferences but might not share screen or use remote control facilities.


A browser-based service might seem to implement different technologies although they will not make a big difference. Usually, these technologies will be Flash or Java based. In case of the latter, the browser will download an app in the background for running the service, while Flash will ensure running the service directly in the browser.

Audio/Video Support

Apart from the ease of use and seamless performance, the Web conferencing tool should come with good audio/video components. User should be able to submit his question to presenter or any other member during the presentation to make entire conference more interactive.

Another vital feature to look for in any Web conferencing solution is full duplex support. This feature allows having data as well as communication at the same time. Although it might appear like an obvious ability, it is essential to ensure a quality virtual meeting. Moreover, most comprehensive services offer Webcam compatibility, advanced preparation mode, and streaming tools.

Screen Sharing and Presentation

Often presenter of the conference of one or more members of the conference may need to share their screen to show something from their computer. This is a must have feature to look when selecting right conferencing solution. With screen sharing, it can be a lot easier to explain your points rather than describing them in words.

Similarly, certain online conferencing solutions also offer option to upload presentations or PDF directly so other members can quickly view it when presenter in explaining about it.

Record Meeting

Often for future reference purpose, certain online meeting require to be recorded. This is yet another essential feature any good solution provider must offer. There are many uses of recording meeting. For example if meeting is for training purpose, then it can be recorded so that in future it can be shared with other members without holding a separate meeting.

Many web conferencing services even host recorded session on their server so that they can be played whenever required.

Cross Platform

Not all the members of meeting may have same operating system or same device so ideal solution should support multiple devices or OSes. Often travelling membes may want to attend meeting from their phone or tablet. Any good solution provide should be offering this as a feature.


This is perhaps the most vital feature to have for Web conferencing, especially if you need to share private or confidential material quite often. Usually, all conferencing programs come with at least 128-bit SSL encryption for ensuring safe chats or communication at the time of meeting. However, a few solutions do not offer even this basic feature.

While the above security feature is enough for most purposes, the ideal services come with stronger encryption as well as more security features. Moreover, check whether you can use password protect feature for your meeting rooms or not.