Hotspot Shield Review


Includes a powerful anti-malware tool that works to protect your connection from Wi-Fi threats. Keeps your login and internet activity completely anonymous from websites and ISPs.


Only offers a few virtual locations as compared to other VPN services. Only available for popular platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


One of the most popular and reliable VPN service providers in the world, with more than 200 million downloads. The provided cloud-based anti-malware feature can help to add more security to your connection.

Detailed Review

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service provided by AnchorFree Inc., an internet security company headquartered in California (USA) and Stans (Switzerland). The company was founded in 2005, and since then, it already has a market of more than 200 million internet users. The main goal of the company is to help internet users get their freedom and privacy in their online activities.

Automatically Secure Public Hotspot

While you might easily find various public hotspots in your area, most of them are not secure. If you connect your device to the internet through those public hotspots, you might expose yourself to various online threats, such as identity theft, hacker attack, activity monitoring, and more. Hotspot Shield gives you automatic protection in an unsecured Wi-Fi connection whenever you use it. In this way, you can connect to any unsecured Wi-Fi connection without having to worry about any online threats when you use this VPN service.

Cloud-Based Anti-Malware Protection

Hotspot Shield provides a robust anti-malware protection to prevent any third-party from monitoring your internet activities. While you might already have your own antivirus protection, it might usually be insufficient in giving you maximum protection against Wi-Fi threats. This software works in preventing those malware threats from reaching your device and perform their operation. The malware database is always updated regularly as new malware threats are found.

Anonymous Browsing

When you connect to the internet regularly, ISP or any other third-party entities may log all your internet activities, browsing sessions, and even internet communication. This can be done, especially when you use public hotspot services that are usually unsecured and not password-protected. With this VPN service, you can anonymize your online activities and browsing sessions, and keep them private within the encrypted connection. You can even mask your IP address and real location so that anyone else cannot guess your real location and IP address. This provides complete freedom in your internet access.

Easy-To-Use Software for All Devices

Hotspot Shield is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and some Kindle devices. In order to use this service, you have to create an account with Hotspot Shield Elite and install the software on your device. There is no additional configuration that you need to do. Once the software is installed and you are connected to your account, you can just turn on the VPN connection with a single click. It’s the same when you want to disconnect from this VPN connection. You can keep the connection always-on to ensure maximum protection in all your internet activities.

Faster and Encrypted Browsing

With this VPN service, you can boost your internet browsing speed with faster connections. This is because Hotspot Shield uses dedicated networks to ensure that each connection through their servers get the maximum speed possible. So, there is no ISP throttling or reduction of connection speed when you use this VPN service. You can stream and download at full speed, without worrying about any restriction. Also, each of your browsing sessions is encrypted with a powerful encryption algorithm, ensuring that you are connecting to the internet through a secured connection access that protects all your data.


Hotspot Shield offers a complete protection for your internet activity, as well as allowing complete freedom in your internet access. With the always-updated cloud malware protection, you can browse the internet safely and securely, knowing that your connection is secure from phishing sites, spam, malware threats, identity thieves, hackers, and more. It offers anonymous online browsing, with IP and location masking so that nobody knows your real IP address and location. You can also boost your connection speed using this service, since it uses dedicated networks to ensure maximum performance. Overall, it is a recommended service if you want a complete package of secure, private, and anonymous online access for your devices.

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  • Accessing Blocked Websites
  • Secured Internet Gateway
  • Private Communication
  • Masked IP Address
  • Ads-free Internet Surfing
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Multiple Virtual Locations
  • WI-Fi Networks Encryption
  • Real-time Protection
  • Multiple Devices Supported
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