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Allows you to watch and stream global TV channels which are usually restricted to certain countries. Provides completely secure Wi-Fi connection without any monitoring at all.


Simultaneous connection and port forwarding are only available in the most expensive plan. The Plus plan (one of the paid plans) has a limited data transfer per month.


With the support for all devices, this service provides flexible and reliable VPN connection in any device that you own, from the PC to the gaming console. The global streaming feature allows for a simple functionality for those who wants to enjoy global TV channels anywhere.

Detailed Review

Hide.me is a VPN service provided by eVenture Ltd., a privately held company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Labuan, Malaysia. The company went from providing secure infrastructures for various clients, including government agencies and corporations, into offering VPN services. The main goal of the company is to give more privacy and freedom for internet users.

Secure Wi-Fi Connection

This feature allows Hide.me users to hide their identity while surfing the web, which leaves to chance for government, hackers, ISP, or even the Hide.me company from monitoring your activities. It offers an absolute security for your Wi-Fi connection, with maximum privacy. This service allows you to hide your online identity, IP address, and location, so that no one can track your internet browsing. There is no logging or monitoring whatsoever, by anyone, when you use this VPN connection.

Encrypted Data

If you are the regular user of free Wi-Fi in your area, be aware that the connection via free Wi-Fi hotspots are usually not secure. The security of the connection may not be a concern for you if you are using the free Wi-Fi connection only to stream videos or browse some websites. But, if you are doing some banking activities, or shopping activities where you must enter your sensitive information to certain websites, you have to be more careful. Your sensitive information may be stolen by irresponsible people out there. By using this VPN service, you can be sure that all your sensitive information is secure, since you are using an encrypted connection for the data transfer.

Freedom from Internet Censorship

Some websites that you want to access might be blocked by your ISP or your government, and there is no way for you to access those websites using your regular connection. Or, you might want to view the content of certain websites that are Geo-restricted to certain countries, which prevent you from accessing the content of those websites. With this VPN service, all these problems can be solved easily. By simply activating your VPN access, you can be free from any internet censorship imposed by either the website, government, or ISP. This way, you can view any content on the internet without any restriction at all.

Global TV Streaming

Hide.me provides the IPTV connection for your device, allowing you to directly stream various global TV channels around the world. You cannot do this with your regular connection, since these global TV channels are restricted only to certain regions or countries. Thus, whenever you want to watch some Netflix movies, or BBC news, you can just turn on your VPN connection and access the IPTV feature to begin streaming. This allows you to watch any TV channel that you want without any interruption at all, and you can do it from any of your device.

Maximum and Reliable Connection Speed

This VPN service uses the latest hardware and software to ensure maximum performance for each user connection. When you are using this VPN service, you can experience the fastest speed that you can get to ensure faster data transfer. There is no bandwidth limit that you can use, though there are some data transfer limit for the Plus plan. But, the speed and performance allow you to surf the web without any interruptions. There is no ISP throttling or speed reduction within your browsing sessions.


The best feature that you can get from Hide.me is the inclusion of global TV streaming in your VPN connection. It means that you don’t need to do complicated things just to start watching some global TV channels from various countries in the world. You need only activate the IPTV feature included in this VPN service, and you are good to go. Overall, this VPN service offers good protection, privacy, and freedom for surfing the net. It is a good VPN of choice if entertainment is your main purpose.

Top Features


  • Unblocking Restricted Websites
  • 5 VPN Protocols
  • Activity Encryption
  • Private Downloading
  • Anonymous IP Address
  • Global IPTV Locations
  • No-logs VPN
  • Mobile Devices Supported
  • Data Theft Prevention
  • Router Supported
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Official Website $5.42/mo

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