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HEVC feature is a great add, superb number of formats available, and supports Apple devices’ footage.


The Pro version of the Any Video Converter lags behind in terms of speedy conversion and can take more than 30 to convert a 60 minute video.


The Ultimate version of the Any Video Converter is a great buy and is a useful product. The HEVC feature makes it stand out and allows you to decrease size of the file without quality loss.

Detailed Review

As the name suggests, Any Video Converter plays around with almost any format of the video that there is and it lives up to the expectations. Any Video Converter not only lets the user successfully change formats of the videos and convert them, it also lets you download videos online and then play around with it in the converter module. A decent product to buy at a reasonable price, the Any Video Converter is available in an Ultimate version and a Pro version; with the Ultimate version being a more legitimate buy. Apple's Lossless Audio format is a great surprise which makes the product a great buy.

Easy-to-use Converter

The actual converter is pretty easy to use. You don't have to fiddle around too much as a user to simply convert a video. All that the process requires is importing the video from the device, selecting the format you want the video to be converted in and hitting the ‘convert' button on the screen; and voila! In a matter of seconds, you can export the video to your portable device too.
Without loss in quality, the user can convert all kinds of Blu-ray discs (BDs), DVDs and CDs to different formats.

Any Video Converter provides more than 200 video formats to choose from that are supported in a range of portable devices.

Supports many Formats

Any Video Converter supports a range of video formats; from MP4 to AVI, from MOV to FLV, from WMV to MPEG- or MPEG-2, et all. The Any Video Converter is also Apple Mac and iPhone compatible and so, the converter supports and converts video footages from Apple devices. In addition to being compatible with Android, Windows and HTC products, Any Video Converter works like a charm with PSP and PS3 too! There are more than 200 formats available in the Any Video Converter with the statement 4K UHD format!

Audio Conversion

Audio is a pretty essential component of the videos and deserves equal attention when it comes to converting videos. After all, no one wants sub-standard audio quality with their super quality boosted videos! Any Video Converter addresses to this issue and supports MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG audio formats. Forget lossy conversions; Any Video Converter brings to you Apples Lossless Audio which is a class apart in the industry. If you have an external sound which needs to be incorporated with the audio, Any Video Converter welcomes that too and lets the user rip audio from CDs too.

Download and Edit videos

Any Video Converter, in addition to simply converting videos also lets you merge videos, audios, videos with external audios and play around with special effects to make your video look really cool. You have the regular edit tools to adjust the features of the video as per your liking.

The Download feature of the Any Video Converter comes pretty handy when you don't have the appropriate video with you, or need a part of the video that you might have seen online at a web portal. With the Download feature, you can download both music, videos and audio files in different formats, convert them simply, merge them with other compositions or edit them to be transferred to your device; the sky is the limit when you are dealing with a Video Converter of this stature. Use portals like YouTube, Vevo, Daily Motion and 100 more such sites that let you download audio and video with just a click.

Faster speed

The Ultimate version of the Any Video Converter is capable of converting your videos up to 30 times faster than the Pro version of the same converter and retains the quality of the video. For this to happen, Any Video Converter comes with a NVIDIA NVENC transcoding acceleration that converts videos in a matter of minutes.

DVD Disc Menu

The Any Video Converter also has a feature where you can burn media files to blank DVD discs so that they can be played on DVD players and even vice versa. You can also create DVD backups by burning DVD content from one DVD to the other and even rip content from DVDs.

High-Efficiency Video Coding

An exclusive in the industry, the High-Efficiency Video Coding or HEVC is the latest standard for video compression which doubles the data compression ratio compared to H.264/AVC at the same level of video quality. As a result of this, the video file will get smaller in size without any loss of the visual quality of the video.


At the current price band, the Any Video converter is an easy bet and is customizable as per your needs. It is super easy, and its foolproof design will increase your efficiency as a user.

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