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As you probably already know, videos are available in many formats and not all formats are compatible with all video playing devices. In order to play a specific video file on a specific device, one may need to convert it to the supported format. This is where a good video converter program can help.

Top Product

WinX HD Video Converter

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Pricing From: US$ 35.95

The WinX HD Video Converter is complete video software that is equipped with an Ultra high defination video converter which is designed to convert videos in a jiffy. The software is super useful to play around with resolutions, encode and decode..


Wondershare Video Converter

Editor's Rating:
Pricing From: US$ 39.95

An easy to work with and super user-friendly software, the Wondershare Video Converter shines bright on all aspects for being the 'it' product when it comes to affordable video converters. Priced at 60 US Dollars, Wondershare Video Converter,..

Aimersoft Video Converter

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Pricing From: US$ 49.95

If Video Converters have been at their best, it's now. With stiff competition from hundreds of other Video Converter providers, it is imperative that Video Converter developers bring something new, something exciting and an exclusive feature that..

Any Video Converter

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Pricing From: US$ 49.95

As the name suggests, Any Video Converter plays around with almost any format of the video that there is and it lives up to the expectations. Any Video Converter not only lets the user successfully change formats of the videos and convert..


Editor's Rating:
Pricing From: US$ 47

XnView MP is a more advanced version of XnView Classic, which is also a media conversion application from the same developer. The software has all the features of XnView Classic and some more. It is a complete media editing and conversion tool..

Movavi Video Converter

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Pricing From: US$ 39.95

Movavi is already a pretty established name when it comes to Video Converting software and has a reputation for itself. The latest version of the Movavi Video Converter is available for conversion on both Windows (10/8/7) and Apple Mac systems...

HD Video Converter

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Pricing From: US$ 29.95

HD Video Converter is a video converter software created and developed by WonderFox Soft, Inc., a software company founded in 2009. The focus of the company is to provide the best multimedia conversion and editing solutions for the users who..

Video Converter Buying Guide

A video converter is a software program that can convert videos to any supported format. Video converters are commonly used by individuals and professionals working in the media, filmmaking, design, internet, software and computer industries. These applications are also widely used by people who need to convert a video to make it compatible to run on a mobile or computer.

Why do you need a Video Converter?

If you’re still unsure why you may need a video converter program, read further to understand.
Digital media has now become an essential part of our daily life. We all watch movies and enjoy occasional videos on Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms. Many websites allow you to download videos that you can watch later on one of your devices. Most people like to watch the latest movies with their family in leisure time. Now suppose, you have downloaded a new video or movie to watch later, but when you start watching it you find that the video format is not supported by your video player. What now?

There are so many types of video formats out there that you can never be sure that your device will support the video you just acquired. A video converter tool will let you convert the video to any other format that is supported by your existing device or video player. Video converters are also useful for companies that make regular use of media and video files. Based on your uses, you can choose to buy a good quality video converter online.

How to Buy a Video Converter?

Almost all popular video conversion programs are available in two versions, a free trial version, and the paid version. If this is your first time using a specific video converter, it is recommended to download and use the free trial version to get familiar with the product. Then if you like it, you can consider buying the paid subscription.

Look out for the following things when buying a video conversion program.

Supported formats

It is important that the video converter supports all popular video formats. The user may also sometimes need to convert a video file to audio format, therefore a video converter must also support common audio file formats. If you are buying a converter program for professional use, make sure that it supports as many video formats as possible.

Video Editing and Viewing

Some video converter programs also allow editing and watching videos. These video editing features include video cutting and joining, merging of videos, etc. Buy a software program that provides all the features in a single package, whatever you need. The cost of the product may rise with the number of features.

Comparison of Video Converters

Before buying a video converter tool, one must read the features of the specific software properly. If possible, compare it with other popular video conversion tools to choose the best one. Some websites and blogs provide detailed comparison and reviews of the popular video converters that you can read to better understand the differences between video converters.

Some of these comparison parameters include platform support (Windows/Mac/Linux), cost, features, file format support, device support, and other features.

Reliability and Trust

When you first try a new software program, you cannot be sure whether it is the right tool for your purpose. But you start trusting it gradually if it keeps performing according to your expectations. Look for the brand name while buying a video converter program. Some popular software providers like Any Video Converter, Prism video converter, and Total video converter have already built a reputation in the market and therefore, users are not afraid of trusting them, even with the first use.

Reliability and ease-of-use are other things to consider when buying a video conversion tool. The software must be able to fulfill your specific conversion requirements. The interface must be easy to use and understand for everyone.

Help and Support

If you are buying a paid video converter, make sure that it comes with a reliable tech support service. You may sometimes need to call or contact the company to resolve an issue with the software. Make sure that the company provides enough support options, including phone, email, chat, and/or forum support.

Other Features

Some other features that you can look out for include the following:

  • Batch conversion
  • Video cutting and joining
  • Conversion without transuding
  • DVD burning
  • Blu-ray burning
  • Conversion to audio files
  • Photo conversion
  • Video editing tools
  • Preview
  • Extract audio
  • Splitting into chapters
  • YouTube upload
  • Online video conversion
  • Subtitles support

One must understand that not all video converters have all the features and the cost of a converter program may increase with the increase in the number of features. Choose the features that you essentially need in a video converter program and buy accordingly.