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Ability for employees to track their billable time with an option to take a break, provides an alert message if the system detects the employee viewing sites like Facebook, screenshot recording, integration of payroll management software, and activity monitoring.


Little costly for large teams


Time Doctor does not just provide an option for tracking time, but it also can monitor employees based on their activities.

Detailed Review

Founded in 2010 Time Doctor is a Sydney Australia based time tracking software. The platform offers employee time tracking features. Monitoring can be also done through screenshots if required. This feature extends into tracking the time spent on aspects like email, chat, and individual websites. This information is also used to provide an alert should the system detect the user concentrating on aspects other than the project.

A number of customisation options are available in the software and it can be done in areas like time zone, company subdomain, and monitoring intervals.

Time Management

Time tracking is done using an extension of Time Doctor and it is accurate to the second so as to prevent inadvertently paying more for an employee. Employees are given the option to take a break, and notify the same through the application, without having to stop monitoring. This prevents multiple entries by an employee during a day for a specific project. This in turn makes the reports less clustered.


While tracking time, Time Doctor also focuses on the area where a specific employee spends most of the time. This may include work-related research, emails, chat, or even social networking sites. This monitoring is done through a variety of ways including screenshots from time to time. The ability to record screenshots, however, this is an optional feature and can be turned off should the employee be concerned about his privacy. If the feature is switched on, the application can be set to take screenshots at predefined intervals.

Reports & Analytics

Apart from providing details like the time spent on each project by an employee or the hours worked in a day, these reports can also be extensive. It can offer information about aspects like poor time management by an employee or a late report to work by another. The poor time management report can single out employees if they had been spending too much time on sites like Facebook. It is even possible to find the total time spent by an employee on a particular website.

Payroll Management

Popular payment tools like Paypal Mass-Pay can be included into Time Doctor so as to provide an efficient way of paying employees, which can be calculated using the software. Other integrations that can be performed to improve the payroll management include the likes of Basecamp and Podio.


Time Doctor can be customised according to the requirements of the user or the team. This includes the ability to predefine the working hours for a specific team. This can also be modified to demand a daily requirement of working hours from an employee. The company settings allow the user to switch on and off features like the screenshot. Should this feature being turned on, the user can also control the period for which an employee is monitored. Even the reports can be customised so that the user may skip the daily report feature in favour of weekly reports.


Time Doctor automatically sends a remainder when it senses the employee's focus switching to other aspects. The monitoring of employees is done in such a way that administrator intervention is not required for most parts.  The comprehensive reports include the ability to see where the employee has been spending their time during work hours. Aside from providing different tools for monitoring the employee, Time Doctor also can integrate payroll management and billing software as mentioned earlier, which makes them an ideal solution for larger teams.

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User Reviews

Awesome tool!

Time Doctor By John Larase on March 11th

I love this! Honestly, this app has stayed in my computer for years already. It's been great to keep me focused. I also love the little questions/reminders that pop up to ask if I'm still working on the task I had chosen. Overall, I would highly recommend this tool to freelancers and those who have remote teams in different countries.

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Keeps me productive!

Time Doctor By Carlo on March 8th

I've been using Time Doctor at work for years. It's amazing how much more productive I've become the moment I actually knew where and how I was spending my time. Time Doctor gives me this data and it helps me efficiently adjust how I work which in turns keeps me productive. One thing I love about it is it also helps keep me focused by giving me gentle nudges when I steer off work and go to unproductive sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. I highly recommend this especially to people who work all day in their computers. I am a digital nomad and this has been really helpful to me.

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