SEO Software Reviews & Comparison 2015

SEO (aka Search engine optimization) evolved a lot recently. It is still one of the most powerful way to build clients, customers or readers for many online businesses. Below are some of the most powerful SEO Software compared.

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Product Name Advanced Web Ranking WebCEO SEO PowerSuite TrafficTravis iBusiness Promoter
Website Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit
Pricing US$ 99 US$ 499 US$ 299 US$ 97 US$ 199.95
SEO Software Features
Backlink Analysis
WhiteLabel Reports
Local Rank Tracking
Universal Rank Tracking
Mobile Rank Tracking
GA Integration
GWT Integration
Developer API NA NA NA
Social Metrics
SEO Audit
Editions Desktop/Cloud Desktop/Cloud Desktop Only Desktop Only Desktop Only
Multi User NA NA NA
Scheduled Updates Unlimited
No. of Websites Unlimited Limited Unlimited With Pro
Find Backlinks Windows Only
Supported OS 3 Windows Only 3 Windows Only Tickets
Support Options 3 2 4 2 N/A

SEO Software Buying Guide

While buying the best SEO software, chances are high for you to face some confusion, perhaps because of the variety of options and features. Although this confusion is a major hindrance to selecting the right product, it is easily removable by recognizing your needs and mapping them to the features of the most promising products. Consequently, the most suitable is the one, whose features tend to map and fulfill all your requirements and budget. For knowing your requirements, you need to find answers to a few questions:

  • What is the size of your site (number of pages)?
  • What is the size of your business (small or large-scale enterprise)?
  • What SEO assistance you are looking for?
  • What are your SEO targets (goals)?
  • What is the SEO budget?
  • Are you a Webmaster, freelancer, marketing agency, or SEO professional?

Once you find answers to these questions (they are your requirements), you need to map them with software features. Well, for mapping, you need to focus on the most essential or useful features of the software that are comprehensive enough to offer everything required for directing an SEO campaign for optimized Web presence. So, here are the most significant features to look for in SEO software.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords are certainly at the core of an SEO campaign. Finding out the phrases in use by your customers helps the old and new customers to spot your site in search results quickly. Therefore, choose a product that finds the most commonly as well as frequently used keywords in your niche. Ideally, it should suggest keywords of high search volume for each page of your site as well as the change in the keyword as well as page rank over time.

Competitive Analysis

Without spying at your competitor’s SEO campaign, you may never outrank them on search engine result pages (SERPs). Therefore, the most comprehensive SEO software allows assessing your competition profoundly by comparing your page rankings, keywords, inbound links, authority, and traffic with those of your competing sites. In addition, it provides insights into the most successful campaigns of the competitors so that you can make a plan of action to improve your SEO campaign for outranking them.

Link Building

Getting links from other sites is essential for SEO to succeed. Usually, backlinks are important for any site to rise higher on the SERPs. Therefore, the best SEO software is the one that helps you locate reliable or high authority sites for generating high quality links driving traffic to your site. Apart from that, it also analyzes the current link building strategy and show suggestions to improve the same.

Social Media Analysis

Social media is certainly one of the most reliable and essential ways to get popular online. Therefore, choose a comprehensive SEO software that shows social media statistics such as Facebook likes, Twitter shares, +1 on Google+, and more, which is updated automatically and frequently.

Reporting & Tracking

No SEO software can be complete without the ability to report. For SEO professionals, an accurate report is indispensable for taking right decisions. Choose a product that comes with custom templates to generate reports on various statistics and SEO metrics at regular intervals, say monthly. Such reports also tend to highlight areas of errors or improvements as well as recommend strategies for the same.


An ideal SEO software is the one that not only offers diverse customer support means such as phone call, live chat, ticket system and email, but also offers a wide knowledge base, active forum, FAQs, and tutorials online along with built-in videos in the tool for understanding and implementing SEO. After all, SEO is a complex topic!









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