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Provides a complete file compression and decompression solution based on various open-source file archiver projects, such as FreeArc, 7-Zip, PAQ, PEA, and p7zip. Allows you to use the software as a standalone installation or portable installation, with support for various operating systems.


Not natively available for Mac OSX, as you need to use various third-party apps just to run the version of the software on the Mac OSX operating system.


Provides a simple and feature-rich file archiver solution that allows you to compress, decompress, encrypt, and decrypt files to and from various file archive formats. The elegant user interface of the software makes the program look good on modern computers.

Detailed Review

PeaZip is an open-source file archival software created and developed by PeaZip srl, an open-source software development company based in Italy. The focus of the company is to provide the best file compression and decompression solution that can be used on any platform without any problem. The functionalities of the software allow the users to extract almost all types of file archives and create file archives in various popular file archive formats, which makes it a great alternative to the regular ZIP and RAR file archiver.

Multipurpose File Archiver Solution

PeaZip is a multi-purpose file archiver solution, since it can do much more than archiving your files or extracting your archives. First of all, the software has a simple, elegant, and modern user interface that is better looking than most file archiver solutions out there. Second, the software can extract more than 180 file archive formats, including the most popular and the less popular formats. Not only that, you can archive your files to different file archive formats using this tool. And third, it has file manager, archive browser, and encryption features that enhance the functionality of the software.

Support Archive Encryption And Decryption Operations

Many free file archiver solutions don’t include the archive encryption and decryption in their feature list. Even when these features are included, it is usually very limited to simple encryption or decryption operation with no guarantee of the archive security. With this software, you can encrypt any of your file archives using a strong 256-bit encryption system, ensuring the maximum security protection for your archives. You can also decrypt various encrypted file archives using this tool without any problem.

Available For Various Platforms, Both Standalone And Portable Versions

Many file compression and decompression software is available only for Windows operating system. In this way, the users of other operating systems usually have a problem finding a decent file archiver solution for their system. Fortunately, PeaZip is available for various operating systems, including Windows, ReactOS, Linux, and BSD operating systems. It means that this cross-platform solution can be used by more users than many file archiver software out there. Additionally, aside from having a standard installation file for the software, it also offers the portable version of the software, allowing you to use the software on your computer without installing it into the system.

File Manager And Archive Browser

Among the additional features offered by this software, the File Manager and Archive Browser features are the best features that you can get. With the elegant and modern look, the software not only able to process the file compression and decompression operations smoothly, but it is also able to be used as a file manager and archive browser in your system as well. In this way, you can easily manage your files and browse the files within any archive without having to extract the archive first. It can help you a lot when you want to extract only specific files from the archive.

Other Utilities Available

Not only it is available as a main file archiver software, PeaZip also provides other utilities that help you to ease your day-to-day computing tasks. The first utility is PeaExtractor. This utility is actually the simplified version of PeaZip, with the only function to extract your archives. If you want only the tool to extract your archives, without any other features, then this one is for you. The second utility is PeaUtils. This utility is the file management part of PeaZip, allowing you to manage your files, compute file checksums, preview hex, compare files byte to byte, and delete your files securely.


PeaZip is a simple and elegant file archiver solution that has more features to offer than the regular or commercial file archiver solutions, like WinZip or WinRAR. The software itself is based on the various file archiver open-source projects, most notably 7-Zip, FreeArc, and PEA projects. From the source code of these open-source software, the PeaZip file archiver is created, offering the combined features that offer the users more ease and convenience in compressing and decompressing, encrypting and decrypting, as well as managing their files. If you want the modern version of the 7-Zip or p7zip file archiver, then this software is for you.

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