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Provides fully hosted, customizable, and responsive website for your photos and videos. Allows to embed your photos and videos on other websites.


Marketing and promo tools are only available on the most expensive plan. There is maximum photo file size, video file size, and video clip length for all plans.


Great photo management and portfolio website builder service with robust features and customization options. Can be used as a photo management platform or as a platform to sell your photography-related works.

Detailed Review

SmugMug is a photo sharing and management service launched in 2002 and based in Mountain View, California, USA. The company’s mission is to provide a safe and comfortable place for photographers to store and create portfolio sites online. They can also use the service to sell their photos, as well as partner with various print companies and establish their portfolio website online.

Unlimited Storage

SmugMug allows you to store as many photos and videos as you want, without any limitation or restriction at all. The unlimited storage is available for you all the time, whenever you want to use it. There are various ways for you to upload your photos and videos to the platform. The browser uploading feature allows you to upload your photos and videos directly from the browser, without the need to install any software. The mobile uploading feature allows you to upload directly from your mobile browser, without any software installation. The app uploading feature allows you to upload from the third-party apps, using the Lightroom plug-in.

Easy Customization

The service allows you to build a website for your photos, with stunning designs that you can use for free with your chosen plan. You can personalize your website with only a few clicks, and combine colors, fonts, themes, and layouts according to your taste. You can also add your own custom CSS, HTML, or JavaScript code to match your design with your existing website or blog design. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can customize the theme of your photo website anytime you want, without having to call any professional web designer. You can also customize your website further by adding pages, forms, and other web elements easily.

Easy Organization

SmugMug is designed to let you conveniently manage and organize your photos. There are various time-saving tools provided by the service to allow watermarking of your photos, apply keywords, and sort your photos easily. You can arrange your folders, galleries, and photos by using the drag-and-drop function that can help you to save time. With the superior searching feature, you can find your photos instantly. You can also edit your photos easily in the photo management view, allowing you to rotate, caption, crop, and color-correct your photos. The folder structuring feature allows you to group your galleries into folders for easier categorization of your photos.

Online Store Creation

The business plan allows you to create your own online store to sell your photos and build a strong brand around your photography-related works. It comes with a complete SEO and analytics tool to optimize your online store in the search engine and attract more traffic to your store. The digital download feature allows your customers to download their purchased photos and videos, whether in large quantities or individually. You can also create coupons to give discounts for your customers, provide free shipping, give rewards to clients, and so on. The events feature allows you to create private galleries and invite specific clients to visit your private galleries to browse and purchase your photos and videos.


SmugMug provides you the necessary tools to manage, share, and sell your photos and videos in one convenient platform. The unlimited storage feature allows you to store as many photos and videos without any space restriction. The easy customization feature allows you to customize your photo website in a few clicks, using the drag-and-drop system. The easy organization feature allows you to organize all of your photos and videos and search any of them instantly. The online store creation feature allows you to create an online store, so that you can sell your photos and videos either in bulk or individually to your audience. Moreover, you can partner with print companies to help you sell the printed version of your photos to worldwide customers.

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