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Allows you to sell prints and licensed images in all available plans. SEO and social sharing tools are available in all plans.


Offers more expensive pricing, with limited cloud storage for the basic and standard plan. The client proofing tool is not available in the basic plan.


Provides a complete photo management platform built specifically to help sell your photos and promote your website. You can upload all types of images and store them in the cloud storage platform, with unlimited storage available only for the Pro plan.

Detailed Review

PhotoShelter is a photo management service launched in 2005 and headquartered in New York, USA. The main focus of the company is to help photographers build their photo business online. The service allows photographers to showcase, organize, share, and sell their photos to their audience, with various tools available to promote their photo website.

HTML5 Website

You can build an HTML5 website that hosts your photos in one convenient place, with fully-customizable templates and mobile-responsive themes. You can use your own domain name for your website and integrate it with various third-party services, such as Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr, and Vimeo. You can showcase a beautiful and full-screen portfolio in your website, as well as display images that are optimized for Retina display. More importantly, you can do many things on your website, such as selling your digital photos, selling the printed version of your photos, and build a professional portfolio website to showcase your works.

Secure Cloud Storage

PhotoShelter offers secure cloud storage for photographers to store and share their photos with others. There is limited space that you can use in the cloud storage, as well as limited bandwidth for photo downloads, but there is no limit on the size of each photo that you upload to the cloud storage. With the drag-and-drop file management system, you can sort and search your images easily. You can also upload various image file types into the cloud storage, such as TIF, PSD, RAW, JPEG, and more. There is also a feature called Image Theft Guard, which helps to protect all of your stored photos from people who want to steal and use it without paying the license fee.

Social Tools and SEO

There are many social and SEO marketing tools that can help to promote your photo website to your audience. These tools are available in all plans, unlike other photo management services that only provide promotional tools in their most expensive plan. With the social tools, you can easily promote your photo website in various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can post your galleries directly to your social media pages, and your audience can easily share the links of your photos to their social media connections. The SEO tools can help you to optimize your photo website for the best placement in the search engine, giving you more consistent traffic to your website. You can also give each image some relevant keywords and tag them, so that your audience can easily find your images in the search engine.

Image Delivery and E-Commerce

The image delivery system provided by PhotoShelter allows you to deliver your images without using email or third-party services. You can also create special collections and galleries that are available only for your private clients. You can deliver any type of images in the highest resolution, without any file size limit. With the e-commerce feature, you can sell the digital and print version of your images easily. The built-in shopping cart feature allows you to accept payments from your customers with various payment options. You can sell your photography products directly in your website and get paid instantly.


PhotoShelter is a photo management service designed to allow photographers build businesses around their photography-related works. You can build HTML5 website with beautiful mobile-responsive themes to choose from. You can store your photos and protect your works from illegal download with the secure cloud storage. The social and SEO tools allow you to promote your images in various social media channels, as well as optimize your portfolio website for the best search engine placement. Lastly, the image delivery and e-commerce feature allows you to deliver high-resolution images directly from your website, as well as sell the digital or the printed version of your images to your audience and accept payments instantly.

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