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Allows you to find detailed information about anyone living in the US, specifically for the purpose of reconnecting with your old contacts and expanding your network.


Gives you only limited searches per month with quite expensive pricing plans when compared to similar services. Doesn’t allow you to use all people search features unless you go with the Pro plan.


Provides an easy and reliable way to find information about the people that you want to reconnect, such as childhood friends, past neighbors, family members, etc. Gives various ways to find the people that you are looking for, whether for personal or business purposes.

Detailed Review

PeopleSmart is a people search service provided by Infection, an identity management company founded in 2006 and based in Redwood Shores, California. The focus of the company is to help their customers build trust with the people that they are dealing with, whether in personal or business settings. PeopleSmart is a service provided by this company to help people find detailed information about individuals that they want to know and connect with.

Search Your Lost Contacts In A Variety Of Ways

With PeopleSmart, it is easy to find your lost contacts. As long as you know the individual’s name or phone number, you are good to go. With this tool, you can use the first name and last name, city location, phone number, email address, and physical address of the individual to get the information that you are looking for. After hitting enter, the program gives you a list of possible names that match with your search criteria. You just need to click on the one that matches with the information that you have, and then get the detailed information about that person.

Find Court Records For Professionals

In the Pro membership plan, this service allows professionals to find more information about their business clients or customers in a convenient way. With this membership plan, you can find court records that can reveal various things about your business partners or clients. In this way, before doing any business with a new person, you can assess whether this person is the one that you can trust or not. The Pro membership plan is the most expensive plan that you can choose, and it is targeted for businesses and professionals to help them verify client information and grow their business.

Protect User Privacy

PeopleSmart is a people search service that allows you to find various sensitive information related to the person you are looking for. Normally, the person is not going to show you this type of information when they meet you for the first time. But, this information is readily available for you when you use this service. The good thing about this service is that it completely respects your privacy while using this tool. It requires you to verify your information before revealing any sensitive information to you. It does the same when other people try to find information about you using this service.

Find Various Information In Public Records

The amount of information that you get from this service is amazing. You get the complete public records related to the person that you are searching for, and it is a kind of valuable information that you use to learn about the background of the individual. The information provided from the public records includes bankruptcy filings, criminal records, civil records, liens and judgments, property filings, real contact information, and so on. In this way, nobody can give false information about themselves without you being able to uncover the truth about that person.

Send Emails And Letters On Your Behalf

The unique feature provided by PeopleSmart that makes it stands out from the competitors is the ability to send emails and messages on your behalf. This feature is included in every membership plan, although you have certain limits on the number of messages that you can send to the recipients. Since the focus of this people search service is to reconnect with your old contacts and expand your network, it allows you to do that more effectively by sending the people that you are looking for some emails and messages that are delivered to their address. The price of the message delivery is included in the membership plan.


While many people are using people search services to uncover the dark background of the people that they know, the focus of PeopleSmart is not so. This people search service focuses on helping you to reconnect with others, expand your network, and even grow your business. That’s why the features provided by this service are tailored to help you establish good communication with the people that you care about. Whether you are an individual looking to re-establish the long lost connection with your old friends or family members, or whether you are a professional seeking to establish a better relationship with your clients, this is the service that you can use to connect with more people and establish a more trustworthy relationship with them.

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