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Provides a real time and full protection against malware, spyware, and viruses, with four-layer protection. Triggers the protection system even before the malware can infect your computer.


Only available for Windows, with a free trial version. The free version can only detect malware infections when you run a manual scan.


Keeps your computer safe and secure from malware and other threats with four-layer protection system. Provides a full protection for your PC, instead of a simple disinfection mechanism.

Detailed Review

Malwarebytes Premium is an advanced anti malware software created and developed by Malwarebytes, a security software company based in Santa Clara, California, USA. The focus of the company is to provide the users with the best anti malware protection system for their computers, so that they can live the malware-free living. The mission of the company is to bring the best security tools that can help the users to combat even the most dangerous online threats.

Real-time Protection From Dangerous And Advanced Threats

Malwarebytes Premium provides the real-time protection system that is always active since you turn on your computer. The protection system works actively to scan your system all the time and detect any suspicious activities caused by malware and other threats. It can protect your computer from dangerous threats that can do various harms for your computer, as well as stealing your important information. It can also handle advanced threats that are created to inflict even more dangerous threats to your computer, which is usually difficult to handle by the regular security software. It ensures that the threats cannot do any harm to your computer, since it automatically scans any types of threats before they can run on your system.

Scan Your System Faster And Smarter

This security software has a fast and smart system scanner that doesn’t interfere with your computer performance at all. Once you run a scan with this software, the scan can be done in just a few minutes, which is faster when compared to other similar software. Also, with a smart scan system, it can quickly identify dangerous threats the second they are trying to do harm to your computer. Then, the software begins to quarantine such threats and eliminate them completely from your system. The scan is also done in the background, ensuring that your computer is always fully protected.

Protect Your Computer From Malicious Websites

There are many instances when users’ computers can get infected by malicious threats while surfing the web. There are many dangerous websites out there, and these websites can often carry various types of malware, and as you access them, it automatically sends those malware into your system and infect your system immediately. Malwarebytes Premium ensures that your computer is always safe from malware attacks that are carried through various malicious websites out there. It gives you a strong protection during your browsing session, ensuring that your computer is always safe from any malware attack when you browse the web.

Advanced Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware has gained more popularity today, especially since this type of malware has successfully infiltrated the security system of various institutions around the world. This type of malware works by locking your computer completely, and then demanding ransom to unlock your computer. In this way, all the important data on your computer are locked forever if you don’t pay the ransom asked by the malware creator. This security software ensures that you are fully protected against any type of ransomware, whether they are known or unknown, with its real-time protection system.

Protect Your Computers From Hackers

Sometimes, some bad people who call themselves hackers might try to gain control of your computer remotely. If your computer doesn’t have any security protection, it is very easy for them to infiltrate your system and gain the full control of your system from a remote area. Then, these hackers can use your computer as if they are using their own computer, and they can do many bad things with your computer, such as stealing your identity, doing some criminal activities, and more. Malwarebytes Premium gives a strong four-layer protection to protect your computer from any attempts made by hackers to take control of your computer, and it stops their attack immediately.


Malwarebytes Premium is the type of anti malware software that can deliver the best protection system for your PC by using four-layer protection that ensures no malware can infiltrate your system easily. This security software can deal with even the most harmful and advanced threats, and eliminate them from your system even before they can infect your computer. Also, it has an advanced protection system against ransomware, which is one of the most dangerous and common malware today. The scanning process done by this software is fast and smart, ensuring that malware threats can be eliminated quickly without sacrificing your system performance. Overall, this is the kind of anti malware software that you want to use if you want to defend your system from any kind of advanced and dangerous malware threats.

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