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Allows you to easily import your tax information with W-2 form capture and data security. Gives you the full information about your tax refund, including why and how you get your refund.


Additional pricing for state filing, more expensively in the paid versions of the software. The investment income report is only available in the most expensive plan.


Provides you the freedom to file your tax online from anywhere, with any device easily. You can get your tax filing reviewed by a Tax Pro to ensure accurate filing of your tax information.

Detailed Review

H&R Block is a tax filing software created and developed by HRB Digital LLC, a global customer tax service provider founded in 1955 and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The focus of the company is to help taxpayers file their tax information with the best tax filing software and tools that can help them to submit an accurate tax information to the government, as well as give them the maximum tax return possible. The company has tens of thousands of retail offices located throughout the United States.

File Your Tax Online Or With A Software

Despite having more than 12000 retail offices available throughout the US, H&R Block offers you the convenience to file your tax online or with the software provided by the company. In this way, you don’t need to come to the nearest office just to file your tax information. You can simply open the software or access the company website to start the filing process, so that you can submit your tax information more quickly. The software and the online service give exactly the same offerings as what’s offered at the retail office, with the difference being that you are able to input your tax data from the comfort of your home.

Review Your Tax Information With A Tax Pro

Sometimes, filing your own tax information doesn’t guarantee that you can file an accurate tax data under your name. Sometimes, there might still be mistakes here and there, and these mistakes might make you pay your tax more than it should be. Thus, this tax filing service allows you to review your tax information with a Tax Pro. Again, you don’t need to go to the nearest office to do this. Once you file your tax information, a tax professional is assigned immediately to review your information before you submit it to the IRS.

Easily And Securely Import Your Tax Information

With the online tax filing system, H&R Block provides an easy and convenient way to securely import your tax information online. If you never used any online tax filing software before, this feature may come in handy, since it can get your tax information transferred seamlessly to your online dashboard. To do this, you just need to capture your W-2 form with your phone in order to transfer the tax information to the online platform. The transfer process is done in just a few seconds, and you can be sure that your tax information is secure all the time.

Reveal Your Refund Data

This tax filing service allows you to reveal the complete refund data to allow you receive the maximum return for your past taxes. It gives a more comprehensive refund information than the other similar tax filing services, which gives you the reason why and how your tax return is changed. With the comprehensive tax filing system, along with the help of a tax pro, it becomes very easy for you to resolve any problem with the IRS and claim the maximum tax return that belongs to you. Also, when you use this online service, you get your refund more quickly since it is deposited directly to your account.

Tax Identity Theft Protection

Throughout the years, the IRS has been dealing with thousands of cases of fraudulent tax returns. These fraudulent people try to steal the information from taxpayers and claim a refund to be directed to their account. This is why you need to protect your tax identity so that no fraudulent people can access your tax information. With H&R Block, it is possible to prevent this possible threat by protecting your tax identity for a small additional price. By applying the identity protection feature, your tax information is always safe and secure, and only you can access or use this information.


H&R Block has been known as a professional tax filing service provider that millions of American taxpayers have been using every year. The retail offices of this company are located throughout the USA, and in addition to that, it also offers an online and software-based tax filing service. With the addition of a Tax Pro assistant, you can ensure that your online tax is filed accurately. Also, an identity protection system helps you to prevent fraudulent people from using your tax information for their own benefits. All in all, if you want a professional tax filing service, with comprehensive features and various options to use the service, you can never go wrong when you pick H&R Block.

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