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Provides high quality professional audio editing software that allows you to remaster old audio recordings and vinyl. Offers real-time visuals in audio playback and editing.


Not available for Linux (except through Wine) and Mac OSX. Also, it doesn’t offer any mobile version of the software.


Allows you to edit any audio files with various powerful tools, such as Speech Converter, File Merger, Cue Points, and more. Provides batch processing to process multiple audio files at the same time.

Detailed Review

GoldWave is an audio editing software created and developed by GoldWave Inc., a Canadian software company that has been around since 1993. The company focuses on providing the highest quality and professional-level audio editing software that has been improved in the past 24 years. The software has become very popular among the regular users due to the references made by the media, such as the BBC and The Houston Chronicle, as well as various books and research papers.

Play Any Audio And Record Audio From Any Source

There are two basic functions of GoldWave that you can enjoy. First, it can play any of your favorite songs, and second, it can record audio from any source. With the playback feature, you can listen to your music and rewind or fast forward your music as you please. Or, you can change the speed of your music playback. With the recording feature, you can configure your built-in inputs, record LP, record tapes, and record any videos with various instruments. You can also schedule your recording time by a certain date and time, as well as configure the level-activated recording to pause or continue the recording process automatically.

Dozens Of Audio Effects Available For You To Use

This software is jam-packed with various audio effects that are ready to use. The Equalizer effect allows you to adjust the bass and treble according to your preferences. The Auto Gain effect allows you to even out your volume levels easily. The Voice Over effect allows you to make the background music to fade in or fade out in a simple way. Also, there is the Censor effect that allows you to censor certain profane languages using the beep sound. With this software, you can apply various effects at the same time to allow you to edit your audio in the way that you want.

A Collection Of Powerful Tools For Your Audio Editing

GoldWave is also equipped with many powerful tools that you can use to enhance your audio editing quality. For instance, the CD Reader tool allows you to extract audio directly from audio CD. The Speech Converter tool allows you to convert text to audio automatically. The Cue Points tool allows you to place the bookmarks in your audio files for easier audio editing. The Effect Chain Editor tool allows you to combine long effects for faster processing time, as well as create new effects for your audio files. There are still many more tools available in this software, which you can use as you need.

Batch Processing To Work With Hundreds Of Audio Files

If you want to apply the same effects to multiple audio files, you don’t need to do it manually with this software. This software allows you to apply those changes to your audio files with the batch processing feature. This feature allows you to apply your audio editing to hundreds of audio files at the same time. In this way, it can help you to save a lot of time if you work with multiple audio files. It supports various audio file formats, as well as the raw binary data.

Real-time Visuals To Make Easier Audio Analytics

The good thing about GoldWave is that it not only allows you to edit your audio files easily, but it also allows you to analyze your audio files easily as well. This software does that by displaying real-time visuals for your audio files. With these real-time visuals, you can easily see any problems in your audio files or recording, so that you can fix it immediately. You can display the real-time visuals as bar graphs, waveforms, level meters, spectrograms, or other visuals. Also, the tools to fix the audio problems are included in this software, so you don’t need to switch to another software just to fix the problems in your audio files.


GoldWave is one of the oldest and most reliable audio editing software out there, and moreover, this software is offered at a very affordable price. With all the features that it has, you can play, record, analyze, and edit your videos in the best possible way, with various effects and additional tools that you can use. Moreover, it has the capability to process hundreds of audio files at the same time, and in so doing, you can save a lot of time while editing a lot of audio files. All in all, this is one reliable software that you can use, since it has been proven by the test of time that this software is still one of the best audio editors available on the market today.

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