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Provides a simple webinar platform that works for various types of webinar, such as Q&A sessions, marketing webinars, and live training. Offers an easy setup and registration process.


Not suitable if you want to hold a large-scale webinar, since the number of attendees are limited per webinar. No free version available.


Offers great webinar features that are completely web-based, with easy registration and third-party integration. Provides a simple and customizable platform with low-latency audio and video streaming.

Detailed Review

Demio is a web-based webinar platform created and developed by Demio, a software company founded in 2015 and based in Tampa, Florida, USA. The company was first started as a startup company that has the vision to create a complete web-based webinar platform that is simple and easy to configure. The focus of the company is to help businesses to connect with their customers in the best possible way through their webinars.

Integration With Various CRM Platforms

Demio offers a native integration with various CRM platforms that most businesses are using today, such as MailChimp, Odesk, Drip, and more. In this way, if you are using one of those CRM platforms in your business, you can easily add this software to your CRM platform. It gives you the ability to invite your audience to your webinar directly from your CRM platform, and makes the process automatic for your business. The automation rules can be created according to your preferences, so that when certain actions are done by your audience, it can trigger specific responses.

Easy Webinar Launch In Just 3 Steps

With this webinar platform, it is very easy to launch your webinar, even though this is your first webinar platform that you’ve ever used. There are three simple steps that you can take when launching your webinar with this platform. The first step is to enter the title of your webinar. The second step is to enter the date of the webinar. The third step is to enter the time of the webinar. Once all information is completed, you can launch your webinar in a few seconds. It’s convenient, simple, and pleasurable to use this software for your business.

Real-time Communication With Attendees

When holding your webinar session, Demio makes it very easy for you to communicate with your attendees via real-time chat. With this feature, you can chat with hundreds of people at the same time during your webinar session. In this way, you can see their comments, feedback, and questions posted in real time as you run the session. Then, you can easily answer their questions in real time as well. It’s a simple system that helps you to communicate with your audience easily. On top of that, all of the chat comments are stored in your webinar report, and thus, you can review them anytime. If you need to answer some missing questions, you can do it after the webinar ended.

Automatic Recording Of Your Webinars

With this platform, it is very easy for you to record your webinar sessions, since this software uses automatic recording for all your sessions. Whenever you start the session, the software automatically records it from start to finish, and then, once the session ends, it immediately uploads the recording to your admin panel. You can download the recordings of each webinar session that you’ve held in the past via the admin panel any time. The recording files are presented in MP4 format, so it is easy for you to play the file anywhere, as well as edit the file as you please.

Easy Upload Of Slide Presentations To Your Webinar Room

The Webinar Room is like a control panel provided by Demio to control your webinar sessions. The good thing about this feature is that you can easily upload slide presentations directly to your Webinar Room, and then run them directly via the browser. In this way, it helps you to cut the time required to stream those materials into your webinar, since it is already available online. With this feature, you can use your materials directly from the Webinar Room and monitor your chat session easily at the same time.


Demio is a webinar platform that is unlike any other platforms, since it provides various features directly from the web application. It is easy and configurable, and it can be integrated with various third-party applications to make it simple for you to invite your audience into your webinars. Each webinar session is automatically recorded and downloadable from your admin panel. Then, you can have a live chat session with your attendees during your webinars. Also, launching the webinar is just a few steps to go. For a webinar platform, this software offers a lot of features that are designed to make everything easy and simple for you to establish a good communication with your audience. Thus, it is a recommended webinar platform that any business can use for their webinar sessions.

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