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If you're a Windows PC user, it's certain that sooner or later you'll come across the need of PC maintenance. Windows has a tendency of slowing down in general as it ages, and there're many reasons behind it. Some of those reasons are purely software related while some are hardware issues. Therefore, if you want to keep your PC running in good shape, you'll have to perform both hardware and software related maintenance tasks.

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System Mechanic

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Pricing From: US$ 24.95

Reduced PC performance overtime is a common problem that plagues the Windows ecosystem. As your Windows PC becomes older, no matter how nicely you maintain its looks, it starts showing the first signs of aging in the form of slow performance...


Advanced SystemCare

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Pricing From: US$ 19.99

If you are a Windows user from quite sometime, you might’ve noticed that it becomes slow and sluggish overtime. And there are many reasons behind it - from junk files to sophisticated viruses to unnecessary toolbars - there’re many enemies..

Uniblue Powersuite

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Pricing From: US$ 59.95

Powersuite is a complete PC maintenance and optimization solution for Windows provided by Uniblue Systems Limited, a software company founded n 2003 and based in Malta, European Union. The focus of the company is to create simple yet powerful..

WinZip System Utilities

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Pricing From: US$ 39.95

PC maintenance can be one of the most boring tasks for many average users. Cleaning and optimizing different parts of Windows and hard drive to ensure smooth performance requires time, planning and effort. Fortunately, great software solutions..

System Cleaner

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Pricing From: US$ 39.95

PC optimization can be a time consuming task. However, it's also very important, because a slow PC not only decreases your productivity but also exposes you to a number of risks. Therefore, we must perform the maintenance tasks related to our..

Fix-It Utilities

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Pricing From: US$ 39.95

Among all PC tune up software products out in the market, Fix-It Utilities is probably the most popular name. The software, which was originally created by VCom, has went on to become even more popular after Avanquest's purchase of VCom. Now..

Advanced System Optimizer

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Pricing From: US$ 39.95

The market of PC maintenance software is already a crowded one. There're many products and majority of them do the same things in same manner. In such a market if a solution comes with some distinguishing features, it's bound to earn some..

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

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Pricing From: US$ 49.99

Do you know what's common between cars and PCs? When they're new, they work as smooth and fast as they can. But as they age they start getting slower and sluggish. If you want to keep them working fine, they require maintenance. Fortunately,..


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Pricing From: US$ 0.00

Privazer is a free PC cleaner tool combined with a privacy protection tool that is created and developed by Goversoft LLC, a software company founded in 2012 and based in Lewes, Delaware. The company believes that anyone should get the security..

PC System Utilities Software Buying Guide

While Windows provides many tools to help you do that, they lie scattered in different ares so you may have to search them here and there. Doing every single PC maintenance task yourself is a big hassle in itself.

So the best thing that you can do to perform regular maintenance of your PC is to buy a decent PC maintenance software package. They usually come with automatic features to ensure regular check-up of your system's health. In this guide we'll teach you how to choose such a good software package to take care of your PC.

Getting Started

Basically speaking, there's not a lot that you need to consider while looking for a PC maintenance software. You need to consider only four factors to determine your goals, and once you've done that you'll not have a very hard time choosing the right PC tune-up software. The factors are:

License Limitations

The very first thing that you should consider before choosing your PC tune-up software is the number of PCs on which you'd like to install it. This is important, because if you want to install it on multiple PCs but license limitations of software don't permit that, it'll be a bad deal. So first thing you should take into account is the number of PCs on which you want to install the software.

Features Provided

Once you choose some packages based on their license limitations, next thing you should look at are the features provided by them. These days almost PC maintenance programs come with a wide range of other features too, which range from security and privacy to data recovery and backup. When you're about to shell out some money, it's always a good idea to have as many features as possible in your software. After all, why install many different programs when you can get their functionality in a single package?

UI, UX and Ease of Use

User interface, experience and ease of use is another area that should not be overlooked while purchasing any kind of software. Frustrating design and UX not only stifle productivity but also discourage the use of software. You may also not be able to use the software properly if there's too much to learn about it.

The UI of an ideal PC maintenance software should be well-designed and well-organized so one can get an idea of things at first use. You should always take a look at screenshots of all PC maintenance programs before purchasing them and avoid the ones with complex design and UI.


Once you've narrowed down your list on the basis of license limitations, features and UI, you may want to consider the price. Comparing all of them according to their price can give you a good idea of which one is offering the most value for your money. And for some reason if more than one products seem good to you, rather than going with the one having lowest price you should go with the one having easiest user interface. Because once you install the software, whether you use it regularly or not will be determined largely by the UI of software.


Nothing is worse than a slow and unstable PC. Choosing a software based on these parameters will give you a PC maintenance solution that you won't regret, and as a result of this your computer will continue to work as smoothly as possible.