Top Password Management Software

Password managers can help users to easily manage multiple passwords. Many of these tools come with additional features such as automatic backup, password generators, password audit, form fillers and much more. Below is a list of some leading tools compared with their features and pricing.

Top Product

Dashlane Premium

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Pricing From: US$ 0/mo

Dashlane Premium is a competent password manager with additional security services for your various IDs and credit cards or different other payment methods. It secures your online passwords just with a single master password and offers..


RoboForm Everywhere

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Pricing From: US$ 9.95/mo

Siber Enterprise which is a privately held company having its headquarters in USA, Virginia, Fairfax released RoboForm in 1999. Their RoboForm Everywhere offers you unlimited password management and hence it gives you unlimited access to all..


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Pricing From: US$ 49.95

1Password is popular password manager software especially in mac user community. It was developed by AgileBits, and first released in year 2006. It works beyond the simple password management by integrating its functionality directly with your..

LastPass Premium

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Pricing From: US$ 12/mo

LastPass inundates you with amazing premium-only features in LastPass Premium, such as Unlimited Use of LastPass Mobile Apps, Ad Free & Priority Assistance, More Multifactor Authentication Options, effective Tools for Locked-Down..


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Pricing From: US$ 0.00

Passwords have become a big hassle of digital life. So many sites, so many passwords. Keep them simple and you get hacked, keep them difficult and you forget them. Fortunately, password managers can ease the pain. So here we're going to review..

Sticky Password

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Pricing From: US$ 29.99/mo

Sticky Password is an efficient password manager introduced in year 2001. Later its founder Alex Tischenko united with a team of security industry veterans and created a company called Lamantine Software in 2009. Now they are trying to..

PassPack Pro

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Pricing From: US$ 18/yr

PassPack is an efficient and collaborative password manager that was built by its cofounders in year 2006 to provide an effective solution of password managing and security to internet users. It was acquired by Kemesa Holdings in year 2013 and..


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Pricing From: US$ 0.00

We all are using the internet today, and it is now almost mandatory to create separate accounts to use the complete features of websites. But remembering so many passwords for so many websites is not an easy task or you can say, is an..

Password Manager Buying Guide

With the multiple advancements in technology, hacking is also getting allot of prevalence all around the techno-world especially in some cases when passwords are not properly secured and open to be easily exposed. To sort out all such problems password managers are introduced as they provide the needed security to accounts in the most appropriate manner. Basically these password management applications are the programs that include the advantageous function to manage and secure your multiple logins and passwords. They allow you to store your login information in an encrypted format and hence they prevent hackers from accessing your private information.

Why and When You Need Them?

Password managers are helpful in so many ways as they have password generators that create unique and strong passwords for each of your different accounts and they also save your time by remembering multiple login information. As there are multitudes of websites with your login information and subscriptions and every time filling them can be quite tedious, so the password management applications come there to your rescue. It takes the drudgery out from filling forms and login details. They have the competence of storing unlimited number of passwords together along with different correlated information of your accounts.

They also provide military level encryption to your data and yet they offer you one of the most user-friendly working interfaces. These Password Management applications are the new essentials for the Internet users. If you are amongst those online users who are not aware of such an application then here are some features that you need to heed upon.


The password manager includes encryption algorithm for perfectly encrypting your logon details. Some of the encryption algorithms that are mostly used are AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data Encryption Standard), Rijndael, Blowfish, etc. You should never opt for a password manager that stores your password and user name in an unencrypted clear text format as anyone can quite easily copy your user name and password if they will be stored in a clear text format. While if your data file will be encrypted then it will be useless for the hackers even if they get a hold on that file because the text will only look like a bunch of gibberish characters due to their secured encryption.

Form Filling

Along with guaranteed security Password Manager offers a bonus of form filling. The feature of form filler allows you to fill out different online forms (for instance payment form, personal information form, address form, etc.) quite easily just with a mouse-click. For this you only need to type-in your personal information like name, credit card number, address, contact number, etc. once and then the form filler will automatically fill out all the fields for you with a click of the mouse whenever you will need to fill all those details in any other form.


Multiple user names and passwords that are saved into your password manager should be portable that means you should be capable of exporting the list of credentials from one computer and then importing that to any another computer. With such sorts of functioning you will not be tied down to one computer only while using any password manager. The ability to export password list also let you be enabled to make a copy of all the credentials and then you can store that in a location other than the hard drive of your computer such as your pen drive, memory flash card, external hard drive, iPod, etc. This will be greatly beneficial for you in any case when your whole computer is stolen or damaged in any tragedy.

Compatibility with Platforms

With these password mangers you will also need to check their compatibility with different working platforms. Some of them work with Windows or Mac platforms while some other support both. There are many other password managers that are compatible with so many platforms like windows, Mac, Linux, etc. So paying heed upon their compatibility is one of the most important factors before deciding your password manager. Compatibility with browsers also plays a significant role and mostly password managers support all the main browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and so forth. They also provide flexibility of working on different mobile platforms such as android, iOS, Widows Phone, etc.


Password managers offer a great assistance in dealing with your exponentially increasing numbers of accounts as they provide the needed security to your data and also save a great amount of time when you are working either offline or online. They let you synchronize across various platforms and hence give you a really beneficial flexible access. With features like unlimited storage, easy to use interface, password generation, guaranteed encryption, etc.; the password manager offers the most effective password management system that alleviates the working of internet users in the most convenient manner.