Top Parental Control Software

With parental control and internet filtering software, you can monitor what your children are doing online, and what apps that they are using. You can know their online communications, block certain websites, block certain apps, track how much time that they spend online, and so on. Here are some leading and useful parent control apps available in the market today.

Parental Control Apps Buying Guide

As a parent, it is more important for you to control the internet activity of your children today. This is because there are too many content that can bring bad influences for your children if you don’t do anything about it. For instance, pornography and profanity. These are the types of content that are free and readily available on the internet, and anyone can access them. If you don’t protect your children from accessing such types of content, it might affect their psychological state later. Being exposed to inappropriate content online can bring various bad effects for your children.

Another example is social media. Many children are using social media platforms to communicate with each other. You don’t know who they are communicating with, and what types of messages that they receive on their social media interactions. They might be communicating with dangerous people such as sexual predators on social media. They might be getting bullied by their friends on social media. You don’t know exactly what they are doing unless you can monitor what they do online.

This is why parental control and internet filtering apps are required to keep yourself in control with the online activities of your children. Thus, it is important for you to pick the right parental control software for you to use. Here are some tips that you can follow to pick the right parental control and internet filtering software:

Software Availability

Not all parental control or internet filtering software is available for both mobile devices and desktop computers. Some parental control software is only available as mobile apps, while others are only available as desktop software. So, be sure to take a look at the availability of the software before you decide to use it. Do you need to install it on your mobile devices and desktop computers? You have to ensure that your operating system is compatible with the software as well. Also, some software offers pricing per device, while others allow you to install the software on multiple devices without additional cost.

Parental Control And Internet Filtering Features

These are the features that you need to take a look. You should use the software that offers advanced parental control and internet filtering features. It should allow you to block any websites, keywords, and apps or software used by your children. It should also allow you to monitor and track your children’s internet activity all the time, in real time. In other words, you have to be in full control of what your children are doing online. If possible, you can choose the software that offers the permission request feature, meaning that your children need to ask for your permission before accessing certain websites or apps on their devices.

Location Tracking Feature

The location tracking feature is important to allow you know the location of your children. Not all parental control or internet filtering software has this feature. Thus, you need to pick the one that offers this feature, so that you can always get in touch with your children wherever they are. With this feature, you can also keep monitoring their activity even when they are away. For instance, when they are at school, you can know for sure that they go to school as usual, not going to other places that you don’t approve.

Remote Control Panel

You need to use the internet filtering or parental control software that allows you to control all of your devices through a remote control panel. You should be able to log into your control panel from any device, and it should be web-based. And also, you need to be able to apply any changes in your filtering preferences any time, and the changes should be reflected in real time as well. For instance, if you want to block a website that your children are currently visiting, or if you want to cut off the internet connection in your children’s devices, you should be able to do it anytime with this remote control panel feature.


It is important for you as a parent to keep your eyes on your children’s online activities, so that they are safe from any bad online influences. With the best parental control and internet filtering software, it can be done quite easily. You can control your children’s online activities whenever you want, from a single dashboard that you can access anywhere. This type of software is needed for you to establish a safe and family-friendly online environment for your children, which allows them to explore and learn from the internet without worrying about exposing them to inappropriate online content.