The Most Private Search Engine StartPage Upgrades Its Image Search

Summary: When you are using any search engine nowadays, your search activity is automatically being recorded by the search engine provider for various purposes. They even explain this process to you in their privacy policy, and of course, it might be a concern if you don’t like this company-spying practice. This is where StartPage, a private search engine company, comes to the rescue to provide you a solution for this big problem. Using the StartPage search engine, you are able to search anything online, backed with the results from Google, which is the best search engine today, while keeping your search activity private. Moreover, the company has upgraded its image search tool to add more features to it, as well as provide more advanced privacy protection for the users.

image offers actual Google search results in privacy. Google never sees you, and StartPage doesn’t log any personal information offers anonymous searches, including anonymous image searches. Users can view images at 3rd party websites anonymously, too, via the free proxy -- Liz McIntyre (Media Relations)

The problem with most search engines today is that they record your every search, and use the information that they acquire for various purposes. One of the uses of the information is to show you targeted ads based on your search history, as well as show you relevant results based on your past searches. In this way, each person that searches for the same keywords may have different search results, due to the results being optimized for their personal preferences.

This is why the private search engine service such as StartPage is becoming more popular by the day, since they offer the users a more private browsing experience. They don’t collect the users’ data just like the regular search engines, and they also allow the users to browse the websites that they found in the search results anonymously. Since 2006, the European company behind has been obsessed with the users’ privacy, and this was the reason why they created StartPage in the first place.

StartPage Releases The Upgrade For Its Image Search Tool

Throughout the years, the company has developed more privacy-friendly features of its products, and more features are being added regularly. The latest feature being the upgraded image search. With the upgraded image search, you can search for online images with added security and privacy. Liz McIntyre from the Media Relations at StartPage has been interviewed via email regarding the latest image search upgrade.

" recently launched the best private image search in the world. Its sister search engine StartPage by Ixquick also offers the new enhanced image search," Liz said.

Further, she also said, "The upgraded image search filters allow you to specify the predominant image color, type, and size so you can find the ideal picture more quickly and efficiently. While images are from Google, they are served in privacy. Google never sees you and StartPage doesn’t log any personal information, so you get the world's best private image search results in anonymity."  

With the new upgrade in the StartPage Image Search, both the main search engine and the StartPage by Ixquick can be used to search online images privately. Also, there are image search filters that help you to filter the image search results to include the specific type, color, and size in your search. It is very easy to specify your search results using this tool, and best of all, you can keep your privacy in your image search, since Google or StartPage will not log your activity in any way.

The Way StartPage Protects The Privacy Of Your Image Search Activity

The image search is not too different from the regular search at StartPage, only that it focuses on searching for online images just like Google Image Search. However, unlike Google Image Search that will record your search activity, StartPage Image Search allows you to perform the search completely anonymously. There are no data being recorded by StartPage when you use this service, and of course, Google cannot record any data from your search activity as well. For your information, StartPage Image Search provides the search results from Google Image Search. However, the difference between the two is that StartPage will protect your privacy fully during your search activity.

Liz McIntyre has explained how StartPage can protect your privacy when you use its image search tool.

" offers anonymous searches, including anonymous image searches. No user personal information is logged:

  • No IP addresses recorded
  • No tracking cookies used
  • No record made of users' searches

What’s more, users can view images at 3rd party websites anonymously, too, via the free proxy," Liz explained.

So, it is clear that when the users use the StartPage image search, they can search any image online anonymously, and they can even visit each website related to the search results via a proxy provided by StartPage, extending the anonymity of the search. This also applies to other search activities as well, not just the image search.

StartPage As The Best Private Search Engine Available Today

Nowadays, many search engines claim that they have the option to turn on the private search when the users want to search privately. However, these search engines often don’t deliver on their promises. StartPage is different in this way. When they say that they are the best private search engine that is available today, they back it up with proofs to support their claim. This search engine is also recommended by Edward Snowden, as the best private search engine to use. Moreover, since the company is based in Europe, it doesn’t have to follow the US regulations regarding government spying and internet activity recording that need to be applied by US-based companies.

As Liz explained further:

"Some other search engines offer private search, but offers additional privacy advantages and backs up its claims:

  • offers actual Google search results in privacy. Google never sees you, and StartPage doesn’t log any personal information, so you get the world's best search results in anonymity. Edward Snowden has even recommended StartPage no-logging privacy! See:  
  • is located outside of US jurisdiction and is not subject to US surveillance laws, like the Patriot Act. This is important because US companies are subject to National Security Letters and gag orders. Here is an informative article about how US-based companies may be forced to violate their privacy policies.
  • offers a proxy (privacy) with every search result, so users can optionally visit third-party websites through StartPage without anyone, even the ISP, website and its advertising partners seeing them, interacting with their browsers, or being able to infect their computers with malware, spyware or viruses. This proxy service is unique, and the privacy protection it provides is not available through any other search engine.
  • backs up its privacy promises by submitting to extensive audits to prove it does what it says it does on every level. In fact, is the only search engine that does this.

With the StartPage image search, not only you get the search results fast, you also get the advantage of privacy protection in your search. So, you don’t need to worry about the government or companies spying on what you are searching online. And of course, with lots of features to offer, such as image filters, it can be the best way to search online images safely, securely, and privately.