How OpenOffice 4.1.3 Is Making A Difference By Providing A Free Open-Source Office Suite

Summary: OpenOffice 4.1.3 is one good office productivity suite developed by Apache, and with its open-source license, people can use this software freely without the need to buy a license. Whether for personal or business purpose, OpenOffice doesn’t give you any restrictions in using their software. This is why Microsoft Office, as the leader in providing the best office productivity suite, might slowly lose their customers. With the quite expensive license fee to pay for their office suite, many people might choose the alternative to Microsoft Office, which might result in OpenOffice gaining more market share in the field of office productivity.


When installing OpenOffice, you don’t need to enter any license information of the software to use it. There is no licensing fee that you need to pay. You simply install and use the software.

The high demand of the most current release 4.1.3 - and 200 million total downloads - is an acknowledgment of the previous work and a great motivation for the future. 

When we are talking about office productivity suite, there are probably only three tools that matters the most. The first is word processing software, the second is the spreadsheet software, and the third is the presentation software. Of course, there are many other tools that can be included in the office productivity suite, such as database, note taking, to do list, publishing, and other related tools. However, when it comes to office productivity suite, Microsoft seems to be the leader in this field.

With the Microsoft Office formats being the standard formats used in business-related files, it is no surprise that companies, or even individual users need to install the Microsoft Office suite on their computer, and moreover, the license price offered by Microsoft is not cheap. This is where people go to the open-source solution for their office productivity suite. One of the best open-source office productivity software is OpenOffice, a free office productivity software developed by Apache. With years of experience, Apache has been the leader in providing the best alternative solution to Microsoft Office, which can be installed on multiple platforms.

The current version of suite was launched on October 12, 2016.

Available In Various Platforms

Unlike Microsoft Office that is available only on Windows and OS X, OpenOffice is the office suite that is available for various platforms, not just Windows. It is a cross-platform office suite that can be used on many platforms, such as Linux, Windows, OS X, and even other operating systems. So, users have the advantage of the cross-platform nature of this OpenOffice software. This is why many people are switching from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice, since this software is more accessible for anyone who wants to use it in their system.

There is no licensing fee that the users need to pay, since they just need to download the installer for their respective operating system and install the software into their system. There is also no ongoing fees associated with using this software, unlike the subscription-based Microsoft Office 365. In other words, the users can freely use the software, and even distribute it without having to worry about copyrights.

Document Formats Are Compatible With Microsoft Office

Another big advantage of the suite, which makes the users willing to leave the leading office productivity suite, which is Microsoft Office, is that the software is compatible with Microsoft Office. It means that you can save your documents or files to the popular Microsoft Office formats such as DOC and XLS, and also, the software can open the files with Microsoft Office file extension. Moreover, even though you choose to save your files in native OpenOffice formats, the formats can still be read by the Microsoft Office program.

So, there is no problem in exchanging your work between OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, which is exactly why it is kind of pointless for some people to keep using Microsoft Office software. Unless their companies force them to use Microsoft Office as a mandatory software, OpenOffice is still the best alternative to it.

OpenOffice Provides The Same Functionalities As Microsoft Office

Installing OpenOffice is as easy as installing Microsoft Office. All you need to do is to download the installer from the official website based on your operating system, and install it on your device. However, there is one difference that users can notice between installing OpenOffice and installing Microsoft Office software. When installing OpenOffice, you don’t need to enter any license information of the software in order to use it. You simply install and use the software. However, when installing Microsoft Office, you have to put the license key of the software before being able to use the software.

The good thing about the suite is that you get the same functionalities as Microsoft Office. The OpenOffice software offers the complete productivity suite that includes software for text document, spreadsheet, database, presentation, drawing, and formula. While the Microsoft Office suite may still offer more tools than that, the OpenOffice might be able to beat it due to the zero cost that it has.

Constantly Updated Their Office Suite Software

In Microsoft Office, there are two types of license. The first type is the subscription-based licensing, and the second type is the one-time license. The subscription-based license allows you to use the Microsoft Office software with monthly or yearly payment, and the software is going to be automatically updated for you. It is called the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. The one-time license is usually given for the new Microsoft Office suite that comes out, and you usually only get the updates for that version. The license that you pay doesn’t include the upgrade to the next version of Office. This is the license type offered by the regular Office suite such as Microsoft Office 2016.

The good thing about OpenOffice, on the other hand, is that this office productivity suite is also getting updated on a regular basis. So, without any license fee to pay, you still have the opportunity to get the latest version of OpenOffice software, with the latest features available. Again, this is another reason why many people want to keep using this open-source office productivity suite.

There is a huge community supporting the product and more than 100000 users are downloading the suite everyday. More than 200 million users downloaded the suite so far which proves proves their users valuations.

Microsoft Office Is No Longer A Mandatory Office Suite

Not just OpenOffice, there are many other office productivity suites that are available as an open-source software, which makes Microsoft Office less and less mandatory to use. With the development of open-source software like OpenOffice, more and more alternatives are available. This is probably why OpenOffice, and other open-source office productivity software, can make a big difference in the field of office productivity tools. These open-source software might even be able to attract more users than the leading Microsoft Office software.