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Free ad supported version with unlimited storage, Supports Windows mobile, Databases for preview of datarich apps


Limited app size, as well as limited push notifications for your apps. Analytics and branding only available in the most expensive plans.


Mobincube is a budget-friendly app building tool that you can use to create unlimited apps for your business. With the various pricing plan options available, you can choose the one that suit your business the best, or you can even start building apps for free with this tool.

Detailed Review

Mobincube is an app building tool provided by a Spanish startup company, Mobincube, which is based in Valencia, Spain. The company also has its headquarter in San Fransisco, California, USA. The company was founded in 2008, and it has helped thousands of app builders around the world to create apps for their business, with an easy-to-use web-based app building tool that anyone can use without any programming knowledge necessary.

Build Any Type Of App Easily

Whether you want to build an entertainment app or an educational app, you can do that with Mobincube. Mobincube offers an easy-to-use app building tool for any kind of app that you might want to build for your business. Its simple-to-use tool will help to build your app with a few clicks and with no programming knowledge necessary. In this way, Mobincube will provide the necessary tools for you to build your business apps from scratch, quickly and easily.

Visual Interface Will Make Everything Easier

When you use Mobincube, you will be able to build your apps visually. The web-based mobile application builder will help you to create apps by simply combining the modules available within the software. Also, with visual elements included in the app building tool, you will be able to create your apps without worrying about coding. You just click, drag, and drop the visual image into the app builder tool to make it easier for you to build your apps from scratch.

Flexibility & Customization

No matter what type of app that you want to build, you will be able to customize your app in whatever way you want to do it. Mobincube offers the huge range of customization tools and features that will make your app unique, according to your style. No longer will you experience any frustration because you can?t customize your app in the way that you want it to be. These flexibility and customization features make Mobincube one of the best app builder tools that you can find on the internet.

No Download Limit For Apps

You can create unlimited apps with Mobincube, and people can download your apps without limit. There is no download limit for your apps, and you can let millions of users to download your apps without any problem. You can also publish your app on any mobile platform that you want to use, whether it is Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Kindle. This will ensure maximum distribution for your apps.

Online Shop & Paypal Payment Integration

You can create your own online shop with Mobincube, in order to ease your customers in their purchase. Thus, you will give them the options to purchase your product, either from your website or your app. This way, you will be able to increase the profit of your online store. You can also configure your app to be able to accept PayPal payment from the users, making your app another powerful moneymaking tool for your business.

Push Notification System

With the push notification system, you can communicate with your app users anytime you want. The push notification system will allow you to give a message to your app users right into their smartphone, and they will receive your message directly without having to open any messaging app. This will allow you to inform your users about updates, news, discounts, and all other important things that are related to your apps.


The best thing about Mobincube is that it offers a complete app building tool for anyone without the necessary knowledge in programming, for a very little price. You can create your apps for free, or you can pay for a small monthly price just to have the full privileges for your apps. Since it is available for many mobile platforms, you can use this tool to build apps for any platform that you want.

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Official Website $2.99/mo

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