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No need to know about coding to build an app, can build any app that you want, across various categories. Money-back guarantee and free version is available.


Most plans will have AppyPie branding, except the most expensive one.


AppyPie is an easy-to-use DIY app building tool that will allow you to build apps for various platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle, and HTML5.

Detailed Review

AppyPie is a mobile application development tool provided by Appy Pie, a company based in Noida, India. The company created the beta release of AppyPie in 2013, and shortly after the beta release, the software received a lot of positive reviews in the tech world, leading this software into one of the best mobile application development tools available on the market today.
With a large selection of categories, you can create an app for a specific category that you want, with development modules available for various app types.

Easy App Building Process

With Appy Pie, building an app for any platform will not be easier. AppyPie app building process is simple and easy to follow, which even beginners can do. In just three steps, you can build your own mobile apps and publish it for the mobile platforms of your choice. The first step is choosing the app category. This tool provides a lot of categories to choose from, along with various app types that you can build. The second step is building your app. There is no coding knowledge necessary. And the third step is to publish and promote your app.

Monetization Option

AppyPie will help you to monetize your app easily, in just a few steps. In this way, you can make money from your app in whatever way you prefer. You can put ads on your app, or you can install a payment system for your app. It is all available within the app builder tool, and you don?t need to use any third-party software just to monetize your app.

Analytics For Your Apps

Once you?ve published your app, you can analyze and monitor your user behavior toward your apps. This way, you will be able to determine whether your users are satisfied with your apps or not. As a publisher, you get the full analytics from all the apps that you have created with AppyPie software, and this will give you the full picture about your app performance in the specific platform.

Share App Feature

The share app feature will allow you to share your apps with others via your mobile device. It will also allow your users to share your apps via their mobile devices. In this way, you will be able to expand your app popularity even more easily. This share app feature will encourage word of mouth marketing for your app, which will help you to get more users as quickly as possible.

M-Commerce Feature

With Appy Pie, you will be able to create your own e-commerce app for your online store, in which you can do without any coding knowledge necessary. The m-commerce feature will allow you to build a good e-commerce app that will have the same function as your online store. This will allow your customers to purchase your products via your mobile apps for a faster and more flexible online shopping experience.

Push Notification

With this feature, you can send push notification via your app to your app users. In this way, you can always inform your users via the message in your app?s push notification system. You can use this feature to inform the users about your app updates, special promotion, news about your business, daily reminder, and so on.


AppyPie offers a complete app building tool that you can use to build an app in any category from scratch. The good news is that you don?t need to write the code for yourself. Even though you don?t understand anything about app coding, you can still be able to build a professional app with this tool. There are reasonable pricing plans available for you to use this app, which you can pay either monthly or annually, and there are also 15-day money-back guarantee and lifetime subscription available.

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Official Website $7/mo

Mobile App Builder Features

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  • Templates

  • Publish App

  • Customize

  • Monetize

  • Preview App

  • Shopping Cart

  • Image Gallery

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Push Notifications

  • Coupons

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  • Forms

  • RSS

  • App Analytics

  • Maps & GPS

  • Promo Tools

  • Whitelabel Plan

  • Free Trial


  • Guarantee

    15 Days

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User Reviews

Free Version Review

AppyPie By Joseph on August 2nd

I recently tried the free version of this product to see if this would be a service I would be interested in paying for and use. Lets just say I don't think I will be purchasing this product. I created an app which for the most part was simple to use, and had a few great features. But the time it took to get my app ready was ridiculous. The website clearly stated that it would take a maximum of two hours to build the app, even for the free version. My app took well over 10 hours to complete and was able to download my app. Had the website not stated it would take a maximum of two this wouldn't be an issue but unfortunately that was not the case.. maybe I was just unlucky but I cannot see paying for a product when they cant keep to that statement..

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